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The Worst

My skin is the worst it has ever been in my life. And I have dealt with acne since the age of 12 (25 now, so that's 13 years). My blog begins with a documentation of my skin history and what happens from here and today is what I will continue to report. 6th grade: Acne begins. Moderate-severe. 7th-8th grade: Benzamycin (worked well for a year and went off of it. Skin stayed clear for a year.) 9th-10th grade: I think my skin was clear. Only used drugstore products. 11th grade: Acne came back. Moderate. Went back to ask for Benzamycin and Retin-A as well. 12th grade: Skin was still mild to moderate at this point. Still using Benzamycin and Retin-A. Benz never worked as well as it did the first time. First year College: Benzamycin completely loses effectiveness by end of the year. Go on antibiotics for like a week but got nauseous so I quit. Skin is probably at moderate acne level. Second year College: Now my skin was really bad. Moderate-severe. I get on the birth control pill Tri-Sprintec and topical sodium sulfacetamide. Within three months, things start looking great. The rest of second year is GREAT. Third and Fourth year College: I'm on the pill only now and my skin is great. I forgot that I ever had acne. I am officially clear and normal. Summer after college: Insurance expires and I get off the pill. Skin goes to complete shit. Moderate-severe, more toward the severe end. Get back on pill after 6 months of being off. Year between undergrad and grad - Skin somewhat clears up. Moderate acne. First year of Grad school - I start sodium sulfacetamide and skin gets to be clearer. Mild acne. Second year of Grad school - Starts with mild acne. After a couple of Migraine with aura episodes, I have to quit the pill. Skin stays okay for 5 months before it becomes moderate-severe. Go on clindamycin topical which never does much. Go on Spironolactone for one month but must quit due to high potassium levels. Summer after Second year of Grad school - Start the Acne.org regimen. Skin is "purging" after 4 weeks of regimen and is SEVERE. Skin is covered in red scars, whiteheads and red pimples. Take Doxycycline for one month which clears up forehead acne but nothing else (hey better than nothing! August 13th - Start of Accutane (I am 5'3 and weigh 102 lbs. dosage 20mg/day)