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Back to Basics: From Synthetic to Organic

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Back to Basics: From the Synthetics to the Organics

Hi guys! Im from the Philippines! Like you i've been searching for potions to eliminate if not lessen my pimples since my high school years. I have moderate type of acne severity, most on the forehead (probably because i have side-swept bangs) and a little on my cheeks. I had used skincare products from the cheapest ones to the expensive ones. The brands I used for quite a time were Cetaphil Daily Facial Skin Cleanser, Mary Kay Velocity, Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser, Clinique, Neutrogena and many others. But believe it or not, the only cleanser and toner that work for me are Human Heart Nature Aloe Vera & Guava Facial Wash and Tomato & Lemongrass Toner. Most of the pimples on my cheeks dried for about one week of use. Reviews: Human Heart Nature Aloe Vera & Guava Facial - cleanser has a gel-like consistency with no strong perfumes (phthalates) and relatively easy to rinse. A pea size amount of this was enough to wash my entire oily, pimple-troubled skin. The product easily dissolved after rinsing it with water. And instantly my skin felt fresh, clean, soft and smooth without the tight feeling you get after using Cetaphil Daily Facial Skin Cleanser, Neutrogena and Mary Kay Velocity washes I've tried and used. Tomato & Lemongrass Toner - alcohol-based toners sting your face, they are actually drying out your skin which leads to premature aging. This removes stubborn grime without the aging side effect. Gentle, nourishing and re-mineralizing, since tomatoes are packed with vitamin C that penetrates into the skin to remove dead skin cells and unclog blocked pores. I've also learned that Lemongrass is anti-bacterial and helps soak up oil. This toner also smells mandarin and it kinda revitalizes my senses.

maui lou

maui lou