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Hi everyone you may of heard of the health benefits of fish oil. You might not know too much of anything is bad for you. Yes too many vitamins and minerals can hurt you. I was reading fish oil reviews because i am currently trying them out. A lot of reviews mentioned that they were taking 9 or more pills a day and that each pill contained 500 to 1000mg. That is way too much. They also mentioned that the label on the bottle said to take 3 to 4g a day. Now if you do the math pills that contain 500 mg each you only take 6 pills to get 3g, now if you need 4g you do take 8 pills but, if they are 1000mg each to get 3g all you need is 3 pills, and to get 4g it is only 4 pills. 1g equals 1000mg. So if you take 9 to 10 pills that is the same as saying that you are taking 4500 to 5000mg or 4.5 to 5g if they contain 500mg each or worse if they contain 1000mg each, now you are taking 9000 to 10000mg or 9 to 10g.