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Derm Appt. Tomorrow

Well, last week had a horrible appointment. After paying $30 copay and waiting forever I finally got to see the doctor. So, the nurse-horrible!! but the doc didnt even look at my face..... I even started crying- yeah I am lame!!- but she just said lets start with antibotics......ummmm Well I just told you I tried them already nothing worked except hives and I dont want to 'try' things anymore- I am almost 25 years old and I suffer everyday for yearsssss. -- I have bad nodules/cystic on my face and veryyyy oily. Nothing works.. probably spent over $4000 over these years to buy things for my face. Nothing works. ---So after she gave me a prescrip for an antibotic I went on home-well i pulled it out and read the information it came with and it stated WILL NOT WORK ON CYSTIC/NODULE ACNE. So I even drove back to ask doc why she would prescribe me this. .... The same nurse came back, evil as ever and said well that is why we gave you differn....hmmm just got done telling you that I was on that for a year and it didnt work, 'gave it a try'. Enough is enough now.....I am dont trying this and this and this. I am not 16 and going thru puberty. no offense to 16 yr olds but I am 24, my time is overrrrrr!!!! --- SO got a new appt with a new doctor and I am hopinggggg that she will actually look at my face and see that its a problem. I am sick of hiding behind my finger nails and looking down. I want to go out and play!!!!! ANywho, hopefully this will become my blog for the next 4 months and I get to share my story with others that are so sick of hiding and staying home and buying everything you can for your face. And all you want to do is live your life--like you should be. So even if your 12 or 55, noone should have to go through this at all. --If its legal for 12 yr old I dont know. --- Right now have about 6 nodules --2 are coming I can feel it...and many other pimples on my face. Mostly on my chin-adult acne- forehead----very oillllllyyyy BY THE WAY my long blog-- I dont eat ice cream-makes me get real bad nodules- fast food, fatty foods,pop, dont smoke, dont drink---well a little , exercise but cant sweat bc makes me break out, eat veggies and fruits/protein. SO thats not it Right now on Dermalogica its nice but I would love to be washing face with like simple face wash. Ok hopefully UPDATE SOOOOONNNN!!!!