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i need help!

well i am 13, and i have had bad acne for around a year and a half now. when i first started getting pimples it was only one big red one on my forehead but now my forehead is covered in tiny pimples as well as big red inflamed ones here and there. i have tried clearasil but it didnt really help, it just dried out the skin, also i tried simple, it helped a little but i still keep getting them! i feel really embarassed about them and even my friends bag me about them. i try sooo hard to get rid of them but i cant and then my friends dont even try and they dont get them!! i just really want to have perfect skin! im in year 7 and next year is the big year in proving your popularity, i want clear skin as soon as posibble. i was in the popular group but then when i started getting worse acne they didnt really want me hanging around with them. i dont wear any makeup just because of my acne, i know that it makes it worse. i dont feel confident anymore. everyone just stares at my forehead and that it the only place i get acne. my brother has no pimples and he always bags me about it and then the other day he got one and then he was asking me how to get rid of them because he was going to the movies with his girlfriend the next day. I REALLY JUST NEED HELP ON HOW TO GET RID OF MY ACNE!! :'( i have oily skin, lots of tiny pimples and quite a few large red inflamed ones, but only on my forehead. PLEASE HEALP!!!




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