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How my acne was fixed

OK...I am a 19 year old guy and i had acne for like 3-4 years...it was terrible, i tried many things. One of the things i tried was Perbac DS and it worked great, my skin was clear and looking good but within days after discontinuing my perbac treatment, my acne came back and was worse! I then tried many face washes and skin cleansers and none of it seemed to help. Then finally i went to a dermotologist to seek proffessional help...thats when i discovered roaccutane, Roaccutane is the only product that worked for me, i was on the treatment for about six months and my results were as follows: Month1 : no difference at all. Month2 : my skin started breaking out. Month3 : my skin got worse then when i started. month4 : my skin was at its worst ever (this is because roaccutane clears your skin from the inside out, driving out all those bad "things" from within your body and making it come out of you skin). Month5 : this is when i finally started seeing good results! Month6 : my skin was almost clear but i was left with lots of scaring! I saw the biggest improvement about 2months after my treatment..this is because my body had finnally gotten rid of all the acne causing "things" (dnt knw what its called haha). My skin was finnally cleared! But now i had to fix the scarring... I went to another dermotoligist and seeked proffessional advice, i was thinking of chemical peel or laser treatment but apparently my scars were too deep. Then i heard of another treatment called roler treatment... I tried the roler treatment and it worked, within three months my scars are nearly gone completely! This treatment uses a roler, similar to that of a paint brush, just alot smaller. the roler has about 120 needles around it which are about 1.5 mm long. the doctor then roles this over the scarred areas repeatedly (its alot less painful then it sounds)...this allows your skin to repair itself as it activates the collogen from deep within you skin cells. treatments normally take about 1 hour to complete and you have to wait a month between every treatment. I had three treatments in total and already everyone i Know says theres a vast improvement!!! So thats how i got my skin fixed, I hope it helps you! =) ps: use a gentle skin cleanser and a good cream that i use is Eucerin - "Dermo Purifyer", i recently tried bio oil and it caused me to break out a bit as well as skin irratation.




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