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Accutane for the first time.

Hey anyone! Well I just started on Accutane. I'm looking forward to a nice, glowing, clear skin. (*Fingers crossed) I've heard all too much about all of the side effects. It's a scary thought to hear that it may cause deppression, thoughts of suicide? That's a little scary to me so don't be a stranger and make sure I stay on track, keep in touch! I'm planning on moisturizing like 24/7, haha just not too much. To avoid chapped lips i'm thinking of using chapstick, the lipgloss over it. Sounds like a good idea? Anyone tried it before? Lemme know what works best. Well today I had my first Accutane pill. I'm already expiriencing dry eyes and nose. Wich completely sucks since I use contacts on a daily basis instead of glasses, and I jog so I get light headed even faster and I feel like a nosebleed might come on. But if this is what it takes for a clear skin i'm all up for it! Any advice, things I should watch out for, suggestions? Feel free to tell me because I'm a beginner on Accutane. But I will make sure to keep in touch even after my acne is cleared. (*again fingers crossed)!

Aimee !

Aimee !