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HI THERE EVEYONE NICE TO MEET YOU ALL. Im 19 years and about to start isotane which im really worried about. I have suffered with acne from age 14 and it went away for about 1 year and then came back. Since leaving school it has increased and now i have it bad on my checks. i get a few on my chin and forehead but its dosent bother me as much. I have been very stressed out and think that it could be the main reason, i also wear makeup everyday to cover up it but think that is making it worse. Its really started bothering me lately as i want to get on with my life. I know i would be confident without acne so it sucks. I am going to do a course in a month but dont even feel like going with this stuff on my face, i think being distracted by study will be a good thing however. I am starting isotane next week and looking forward to it but also really scared my skin will break out before the course and i will feel like giving up. Has anyone had good results straight away? Ist it fine to wear makeup? as i think it will be too dry i am a tad worried about weight gain as im only tiny 50kg but when i went on the pregnancy pill my skin cleared up but i put on 10kg and when i went off i lost it, so has anyone had any weight gain or loss experience? it would be dangerous also if i lost weight. Ill keep you posted on my journey, PLEASE any encouragement, advice and nice thoughts would be highly appreciated thanks




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