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A blog about my Accutane journey!

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In which it's been 5 months since I last posted!

Ok so my first and last post was on June 25 2010 and now it's Nov 7th 2010. I'm no longer on the 20mg dosage, i've been taking the 60mg dose for about 3 months. I can't believe that i've actually taken it and stuck to it. After I worried all that time that something bad was going to happen. The only side effects I have are dry lips and dry hands + arms. However, mosturising my whole body is something I do everyday now and i'll carry on doing so when my course is over... Keep me looking young haha. Anyway, MY ACNE IS GONE. & hopefully it won't come back! My acne was severe, I couldnt leave the house, and althought I still have alot of scarring to deal with, the acne its self is actually gone now. The NHS have been amazing and I havent missed 1 day of school this year. I'm so proud of myself and greatful that my family pushed me to go for it. I advise EVERYONE who suffers from severe acne to have accutane, it's amazing! PS. The biggest side effect is not drinking, however I have had the odd glass of wine but I wouldnt advise it... It made my skin go dryer than usuall. Good luck!!!





In which I start my accutane journey...

Ok so it's the 25th June 2010 and i've just taken my first 20mg dose of accutane. I can't believe I have finally started this... I went for the drug when I was 14 but turned it down due to anxiety over the side effects etc... But now i'm here and about to embark and the journey that will hopefully make life better (in the end obviously). I'm feeling kind of sick but I think that's due to the nerves... Nerves that my body's going to emplode at any moment (haha). I'm not getting my hopes up, I'm just going to take each day as it comes. I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!... Maybe! ROSE XXXXX




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