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A breath of new life

Things have been jumbled, crazy, stressful....and totally worth it! I'll post more about the experience sometime soon, but mostly wanted to say things are going great with the Accutane. Never thought I would EVER say this in my lifetime, but my skin looks freakin fantastic! Go to my profile and click on the Gallery tab. Then find "View all I.P. Galleries" and click that. There you will find several new pics from the last two months. Bye guys! Keep it up, because it will all pay off with due diligence




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Week 5 and prior

Wow, time sure flies! ** My gallery has pics up now ** I swear one of the Accutane symptoms is a general....fogginess? Hmm, not really foggy or space-y, but definitely a little slow. Told myself to pick this one book up off the floor about twenty times this last week, but it is still sitting there So before I lose my train of thought again, I'll slam through the first couple weeks of my experience with Accutane. ~~ 40mg of Amnestreem once a day, taken with a fat of some sort (peanut butter, cheese, olives, pizza slice, etc...) ~~ Week 1 - The first week of pills was glorious. I started with a full "beard" of cysts and pustules, even on my chest and back. Within that week they all appeared to have dried up. My skin got kind of reddish and had this weird shiny/waxy look. My digestion slowed a little but some probiotics helped. I didn't really notice much more than that, my lips were even okay. Week 2 - Dry lips! They started flaking like they do when I sleep with a stuffy nose, not intolerable but it prompted me to get some Aquaphor to slather on before bed. This is also when I first noticed a stiff feeling when getting out of bed in the morning, took about 10 minutes to feel loose. After the initial face dry up, quite a few zits popped up. But here's the great thing...they were all "superficial" and on the surface. I'll admit, they were still painful but in a totally different way. It wasn't an infected golf ball that slowly grew out of my chin, taking weeks to become a whitehead. It was just little whiteheads all over, right away, then they're gone. That was the other weird thing, was that all these new ones came up in places that were not usual (like my forehead, between my brows and on my cheeks big time). My back cleared up in week 1 and wasn't effected by this new crop. However, my chest was worse than it's ever been. Week 3 - Started noticing a tired/slow feeling in addition to the stiffness. Kind of like I was getting over a flu or something. More little whiteheads all over, easily covered up and easy to handle after my last year of facial torture. Vision is just a little off, have to squint a little harder sometimes. Hearing is stuffy-sounding, find myself asking people "what?" a lot. Week 4 - Clearing up again a little but still some bumps just under the surface. PMS break out coming. Skin all over is drying out now and flaking, had to buy neosporin for cracking lips. First Dr. appt - Last Thursday I had my first appt after starting the pills. Doc says it all looks good. My cholesterol was one point high but I let her know I was eating everything I couldn't before because it's not greasifying my face anymore. She laughed and told me to take it easy She also decided to keep me at the same dosage for this next month. Slow and steady wins the face! Week 5 - So here we are at the present. My worst symptoms are: the cracking lips, the tiredness and the stiffness. I don't think I had the dreaded "initial break out" unless it just happened to be a lesser degree than my usual break outs. I sometimes feel slightly "out of it" just in a sleepy kind of way. As for the lips, the neosporin and Aquaphor are great. My face feels like I have one of those peel-off face masks on, but hey it doesn't hurt anymore. For the stiffness, I'm going to go pick up some Osteo Bi-Flex from Costco to get me through the next several months. It's a spendy med but I have an office job where I sit for 8 hours so it'll do me good to find something to help. This is a long, difficult path and I'm just glad I have somewhere like this to share my experience and hopefully learn something new myself too. ~~ Week 2 Pics: ~~ Week 3 Pics: ~~ Week 5 Pics:





Intro & Before Pics

29 yr-old female who has had moderate to severe acne for over ten years now. I had it real bad in my late teens while working at a fast food joint. My skin has never been the same since then. When I got into the cubicle world and had to start wearing makeup, that's when I actually started getting embarrassed about how bad it was. Went to a derm and tried about 6 different antibiotics (everything ending in -cyclin plus a couple others) and three different creams/lotions/potions (Retin-A Micro, Differen and one that started with an "M"). None of them worked for longer than the pills lasted and it always came back. Without warning, it all got manageable and clearer around 22-24 yrs old. I cannot for the life of me figure out what I was doing differently at that time. Since then I've had a child and my brain is now mush. Right after the new year I began following Ann Louise Gittleman's "Fat Flush" book to the "T", which is all about cleansing the liver, blood and digestion. I have never ate that healthy in all my life and my body felt great. I even lost 30lbs! However....within two weeks of starting this lifestyle change, my face broke out big-time. I thought "Hey, it's just my body detoxing and pushing all that crap I put into it out again through my pores" and I chose to ignore it. Four months later my face was almost unrecognizable due to the swelling from the cystic acne. It was zit upon zit upon zit, clusters of huge angry lumps all around my mouth, shin and nose. Some were larger than a bouncy ball. I went to a derm who prescribed Spironolactone and Bactrum along with a steroid cream called Desowen. That didn't work and I finally agreed to start the process to start Accutane. I was prescribed Keflex to supplement me until all the tests could be done. There's before pics at bottom. So now here I am on day 15. I will catch you up on my experience with the first couple weeks on another post, another day, gonna go snooze now. ** BEFORE PICS **