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Still waiting... on SHIPMENT.

If you want to know how MaxClarity is working, don't read this. If you're gonna get it though, you might want to know about how dumb they are. So I know I said I'd letcha all know how MaxClarity is working for me and, rest assured, I plan to do that. However... I STILL have not received my first shipment. They sent it to my billing address instead of my shipping. They sent another one and then, after receiving my SECOND confirmation email that the second shipment had arrived, I c

Ok that's it!

Hey kiddies! I'm sitting here and it's raining cats and dongs. Monsoon season is particularly unforgiving for my skin. Thanks, mother nature for the genetically horrific skin situation, and now, the ridiculously hot and humid weather. Suck it. Anyhoo, I had a moment of weakness a couple of days ago. I buckled and ordered MaxClarity. I don't know when it will get here but I've decided that since I can't get the ball rolling on my insurance to get a) the pill b) antibiotics or c) some k


Hey guys!!!! So I'm not sure about this whole "Nature's Cure" thing. I still have a few pimples in the normal places around my mouth and such but recently I got them on my temples. I understand that these can scar something fierce so I have left them alone. I got a few tiny red ones on my hairline but thought maybe it was from not rinsing my soap out enough. These (temple and hairline ones) have subsided recently but now I have pimples on my CHEEKS!!!! I've never had pimples in these areas

Yet another moment of insecurity...

I can't go to the pool because my makeup will run and expose my acne... blah blah blah... It sucks ALWAYS being aware of this stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't on my FACE. If I could hide it, that would be one thing. All of my friends have normal to perfect skin and I wonder what they think of my skin. I wonder if they think I'm dirty or lazy or don't care. It's not even like I want to be 100 percent, proactiv commercial clear! I would just like to go without makeup and

Checkin in

So you ever get out of the shower and look in the mirror expecting that new thing you tried last night to clear up your face to have magically worked and you are met with bright and shiny white heads smiling back at you through the steam? Ya it wasn't the best morning. Since I can't afford the pill or my old standby of antibiotics, I went to Frys and saw "Nature's Cure" tablets. They're like these little vitamins that come for boys and girls and are to be taken twice daily to co

First Post! - An Introduction

Hey everyone! I joined acne.org yesterday and want to share my experience and frustrations. I have SO much to say about acne and the emotional, financial, and physical effects of it. This is my first post and just a little background of what kind of acne I have. I have had acne since I was fourteen and am now 19. My acne is typically under-the skin and focused around my mouth (like Jessica Simpson in the Proactiv commercial ) I suffer now with post acne marks, oil, and breakouts that
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