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day 15

hello everyone, I've been taking roaccutane for the past 2weeks..and so far i haven't noticed any significant improvement on my acne except that my lips are a bit dry and my face seems to be a little less oily. i'm still breaking out and fyi i got 3 new cysts on my face and of course i got millions of tiny whiteheads above my cheek bone. hopefully things will get better soon. anyway here's what my derm gave me: last 2 weeks: 20mg/day (I weigh 56Kg) today: he upped the dosage to 40mg/day (actually he said that my face is improving, was he trying to make me feel better? hahaha) currently i'm using Cetaphil to wash my face twice a day. guys, i live in Malaysia where the humidity is like 70-80% everyday...should i moisturize my face?