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Oratane day 0

Hi Everybody Hope you are all well ne. I have to admit, I have a skin condition. I never had acne nor did i have and skin problems, except eczema while gorwing up which was treated with a cortocosteroid ELOCON ( dat dam drug caused this !!!) Well the thing is that I an 25 about the start dating a girl that i am sooooo inlove with and that makes my heart do the tango (okay.........enuf aobut my personal life...btw love u Twinkle toes) But heres the thing i started developing acne...i tried monitoring it out, but eventually after a few months i went yesterday to a dermatologist . He instantly said it was Steroid induced Acne as i shouldnt be getting this into adultage. He put me on 50mg of Oratane together with Predisone and stuff. I know the dose is a bit strong, but i wanna sort this out soon, the acne isnt bad...touch wood but i want to sort it out before it does get bad. Any comments about the medication, does it work , does it not? oh ya and my freaking medical aid thorwing tantrums about the medication

24Ind male JHB

24Ind male JHB


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