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Wow it's been forever!!!

Today is day 72 maybe?? Well the wedding went great. It couldn't have gone any better! My husband was so happy, and my evil cousin apologized and cried. Hahaha! A few days before the wedding, I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed some prednisone. It was a really high dose (I can't remember what it was exactly) and it really helped my face look decent for the wedding! She warned me though that in women there is a high chance of a breakout after you start weaning off of it. M

Day 19

Wow tomorrow will be day 20! I've kind of forgotten about being on accutane already. I just take my pills and forget about it. I have no side effects really. Occasionally I'll have a random body part ache, but it goes away in a few hours. I'm always sleepy so my love of long naps is nothing new! My skin looks better than when I started, but its still reaaaally crappy. I've decided I'm not going to let it get to me that my skin won't look good by the wedding. I have bad skin, so what

Day 16

My face seems to be improving a bit. It's not oily at all. I used bp last night and it helped reduce the size of some of my jawline cysts. My face still isn't badly dried out so using a bit of bp isn't a problem. My sentences are short and elementary because I'm pissed off. My fiance has been having a bromance for the past 30 hours or so and hasn't bothered to answer most of my calls. I got to talk to him for a whopping 1 minute 2 hours ago. It's really pissing me off. We have so much to

Day 14

Well my face looks pretty bad right now. It's upsetting to watch it get progressively worse. I've been having a rough couple of days though, so maybe once things calm down a little, it'll get better. Miraculously though, my face isn't even slightly oily! Wish I could say that for the beach by my house. Yesterday my fiance moved into our house on base! He said it's a little small but upstairs and downstairs is wood floor, so I'm happy with that. Now what I'm not so happy about i

Day 12!

Today was a good day, but not for my face! Hahah I look like I have chicken pox on the bottom half of the left side of my face! I mean it's hideous as hell, but for some reason I just forget about it. (Probably because I haven't really been out in public lately!) I haven't been avoiding going out or anything, I just have no money! Haha Well today I was supposed to go shopping with my best friends to look for shirts to wear for pictures...but the weather channel said there was going t

Is it Day 10 already??

I can't count! Haha I'm pretty sure it's day 10 though. Let's see...my face is super oily and frustrating. Before Accutane my face was less oily! It's also humid as balls down here on the coast (which makes it feel even stickier and oilier), and the oil spill is starting to reach the city my wedding and honeymoon is in!! Thank god I'm getting married on a boat in the bay and not on the beach like I almost did. I really know how to get off topic, don't I? Anyway, on with acne rel

Day 8!

One week and one day down! Hahah not too much to celebrate but the fact that my skin is showing improvement already sure is! Let's see...my lips are driving me insane! They're not cracked but just super dry and plasticy! I almost wish they'd crack just to relieve the constantly-feeling-like-they're-covered-in-wax feeling. As far as any other side effects I just have weird soreness/pain in my sternum and ribcage. It's weird. Like when I stretch or lay on my stomach and then return to

Day 6

Ok so I counted wrong the last time I wrote, and I was actually on day 4! Haha So tomorrow will mark my one week! Today was crappy. It's getting to crunch time with wedding plans and a certain guest is demanding to bring a date although she just started dating him. My fiance and I have never even met him or heard of him until she wrote "Plus 1" on her RSVP card. Who does that? The invitation never said you could bring someone, but I guess for people like that you have to spell it out.

Hi everyone!

I don't quite understand writing on here, so if I'm doing something wrong let me know! I'm on my third day of Accutane (actually Claravis but whatev), and I decided to write a log on here. I'm mostly doing this to track my progress and kind of monitor myself. All positive comments are more than welcome though! Negative...not so much. Haha So like I said, today is my third day of accutane. I've had acne for as long as I can remember. It started out just bumps, but now I've got full
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