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Hi folks. I'm 22 yrs and till my 21 I was considered to be a gal having the most beautiful skin and ppl used to call me Miss Beautiful Skin, Madicated proof skin etc etc In my teenage and in my early twenties I never ever suffered from acne(I used to get 1-2 very little clog pores but they used to fade away within 1 day without leaving any mark behind) but dun knw after my21 what happened to me? I started to having acne (the red inflamed one having pus inside and easily leaves mark ).... In my past I found myself very lucky to have oily and glossy skin,u can imagine how oily skin without a single spot reflects light from every angle. My skin was just like that but now I have acne,ppl say my condition is not that but bt comparatively how I used to be its definitely bad After visiting my dermatologist for quite a few times and finding no permanent solution (though his precriptions work in clearing acne bt not in d long run) I'm going for AYURVEDA treatment(originated in ancient India). and keeping my fingers crossed this time