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My acne journey...I need your help to complete it!

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June 20 - - discovery!

Hey guys! So i discovered this website about 15 minutes ago! I have tried EVERYTHING for my skin. ive tried all over the counters, acne free, max clarity, proactiv, skin iD, i've even gone to the dermatologist 4 times and used 6 different perscription products, but my acne just won't give in! I'm going to do some research on this website and see if i should try Dan's system, but I'm obviously skeptical ( i think i spelled that wrong) My goal is to get clear skin before the end of the summer so i can start off my junior year of high school a new me! If you have ANY reasons why i should or shouldn't try dan's system...LET ME KNOW! It would be a huge help. Once and if i start, i'll write on here about how my journey's going, not that anyone out there is interested but HEY why not! Get back to me Stay Cute!




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