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Accutane Day 1 - some questions?!

Hello, I'm Erin and this is my blog on my accutane adventure. I can't believe after around 10 years of trying washes, creams, antibiotics, pills, lotions, ect... I have finally bit the bullet and started on Accutane today. I have suffered with severe acne, with cysts so painful that I couldn't sleep at night. For the past 3 years I have been taking Minocycline (an antibiotic) on and off. Most recently was three months ago. So my skin isn't too bad right now, only 2 or 3 cysts. I am starting on 10mg of accutane, plus an antibiotic to control the flare up. I think in the 2nd month I will be taking 20mg, and so on. It all depends on how I react the the medication. I just have a few questions: My derm recomended Lucas Paw Paw Ointment for when my lips get really cracked. Has anyone tried it? Or can you recommend anything good? what about Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme? I jsut hate the taste of it! bleh! ALso, I have read that some people get really bad headaches when they first start accutane... anyone experienced that? Also, I have read that some people have loss of appetite when they first start as well? Also, what about getting facials while on tane? And getting my eyebrows threaded? Lastly, (for now at least) I have also seen that some people get really tired on it? Well thats all for this moment. I will try and figure out how to post a picture. Thanks, Erin




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