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My way of popping a pimple

What you need: 1 Needle 2 Q-Tips Rubbing alcohol 1 Cotton ball Disinfect the needle and chosen pimple. With the needle go through the side of the pimple, do not go from stright up top the pimple. Once in, rip the skin a little bit and put the needle down. With the q-tips squeeze the pimple like you would with ur fingers (q-tips cant cause much damage,fingers can). It will bleed just a little bit and with cotton ball add a little pressure within 30 seconds to a minute the bleeding should stop. My derm taught me this but i changed it up in a way that i like better and this is it. I used to use my fingers and went stright in the pimple with a needle and of course left a hidious scar. This way didnt leave any. Maybe for a day or two but then disappered! Hope it works for you also!




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