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Everyday troubles with acne.

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Almost too the point of giving up.

Alright, so here is some back ground info..I'm fifteen and have what I would call sevre acne. It's so embarrassing and I can't leave my house without makeup. This has been going on I would say for a good two years. People say they have tried everything, but I really have. Nothing seems too work, and its sarting too get too me. I am becoming depressed, and have no self esteem and feel like giving up because nothing seems too work. I have recently started too scar ( not bigg scars, just little indents) this is really getting too me. I also have recently started having cystic or nodular acne, and it really hurts. Which is where you come in, has anyone found any good treatments for it. I have also been on YAZ and have taken antibiotics..nothing seems too work. I just need some good regimens and good advice..and some good products..because I really dont want too give up the fight, I just need new weaponnss..please and thank-you..



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