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the UGLY child

I've known it for a long time.In my siblings of four,i am the ugly child.Always has been.Always will be.My skin is not as flawless as my sisters',my nose is not as sharp as my brothers',my eyes are not as gorgeous as my little sisters'....It seemed like they have taken all the amazing features and left me with crappy ones. I avoid social settings.Parties,gatherings....I would die of humiliation and self-pity if i do.I've heard it multiple times..."You have horrible skin".Please.I know i




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Met with the dermatologist!

so i went to meet my dermatologist today! he asked a lot of things,but one of them were: "so you've had this for THREE years and you never sought treatment for it?" that really struck me.i thought my acne would just,ya know,go away.but i was wrong.i should've seen the dermatologist YEARS ago,so i could have it treated and have nice skin now :/ well now i've learnt my lesson!heed,children. YOU GET ACNE,SEE A DERMATOLOGIST NOW!! anyways.he gave me some antibiotics and a day +





my first day! :D

Haaaaaaay :Dthis is my first day on the regimen,and i hope it goes well. :)ok,background check.my mum had acne in her forties!that really scared me because i know genetics play a part in determining the type of skin you will have...anyways.my brother had pretty bad acne during his teen years.thankfully he went to a dermatologist,and now he's all clear *claps for brother*my sister?pshh.her skin is FLAWLESS.ok,maybe some blackheads.and some zits.but perfect compared to mine. :/my skin.well..what




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