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About this blog

pretty much just me telling about my acen what iv heard and what im doing to help and stop it

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my suckish acne

ok so ever since 4th grade iv had acne and sadly as the years went by the worst adn worse it got it went form my face to my chest to my back and now my neck!! its spreading like wild fire now and its driving me crazy D: iv tryed EVERYTHING to stop it clean and clear neutrogena murad elette clearasil,exdera anyways it wont stop D: so i finally went to my dermatoloagest and even that did nothing in fact what the derm gave me just made my acne worse!! it made me break out and had my face get iritated adn dry! it even gave me a rash and the worst part iv used it twice !! p.s the acne wash i was given is elette and mark my words DONT BUY IT but thats just my opinoin anyways