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So it begins.

Welcome! I'm hesitant to start one of these, but I figured I'd suck it up and go through with it. So if I tend to have sarcastic undertones to my blog forgive me (or just don't read my blog if you take acne very very seriously). My name's Kasia (said like "kasha" - people tend to get confused lol) I'm from New Hampshire and I'm going into my junior year at Emerson College as a Communication Sciences and Disorders major I'm starting this, well, because acne sucks. I've had it since I was 12 when one day I woke up with a zit on my chin. The rest has been a wonderful path of bumps and redness. I have cystic acne, too, so when I get a zit I get a ZIT. lol I'm 20 now, and my skin is only getting worse. So after a battle with my dermatologist for 7 months I finally have the prescription to start Accutane. I've actually been on accutane before, my sophomore year of high school. So I'm ready for the uphill challenge of dealing with the dryness and most likely the worse-before-it-gets-better, because that's what happened the first time. My skin did clear really nicely, so this time around I'm going to (try) to be extremely optimistic and faithful that my skin will be like butter in 6 months. So follow me and my path with what I like to call the miracle drug. Hopefullyhopefullyhopefully this all works out exactly as I want. I am aware, however, that I'm sure this will not be the case. lol But I'm ready for the challenge! So hey, how are you and your face doing today? It's a pleasure to meet you




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