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Start Of Clear Skin?

MaxClarity has finally arrived, after quite a few anxious weeks waiting. I have read the directions and reviews from other acne fighters... so far positive feedback/reviews from this product. Hopeing this will be THE PRODUCT! The product that will end my acne for good! I am planning to start tomorrow morning, for there are morning and night procedures to follow. Praying this will be it and my skin will clear by September. I'll update this blog and take pictures every week to show progress... if there will be any. Wish me luck! And the battle to clear skin continues...




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Starting MaxClarity.

MaxClarity. (Foam Acne Medication) Recently ordered MaxClarity online, hopeing this will be the acne fighting product that will end my acne madness! I've suffered from acne since 5th grade, (now a freshman in sept.) and all i've ever drempt about was having clear, flawless skin. I've tried nearly everything, well what it seems to me. I've tried Proactive, AcneFree, Acne Treatment Systems, Clean and Clear Acne Products, and even went to a dematolagist! None of which seemed to work... AT ALL! Will post pictures and see if this MaxClarity product will work... or if it'll be just another acne fighting medication that didnt suceed. Goal: To have clear, flawless skin by September 1st.