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[ . U know sometimes you just wanna hide your face in a paper bag . I've tried all these "great products" (neutragena, proactive, clean and clear, biore, st. ives, etc.) and i've been let down again and again. I'm in middle school and its not like people make fun of me because of it but my friends and alot of other kids at school have nice and mostly clear skin and I feel bad. Like, im inferior or something. So, I asked my mom to take me to the dermatologist- FINALLY! . And i'm wondering if I should ask for a specific type of product- like, accutane(i think that'd be too strong for me though) or epiduo or any type of prescription medicine to help. Hi, my name is Sabrina. I'm here because I have acne I was thinking maybe I could leave a post, maybe every other 2-3 days to show how the product really works, maybe give someone else some hope If you have any advice for me leave a comment or email me @ sbrina_10@yahoo.com.




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