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Finally found something that works!

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Finally found something that works!!

Ok so let me tell my story. This Christmas break I came back home from school and forgot my make up my face wash, my lotion, basically everything except my clothes. Before this I was just washing my face with Cetaphil face was and using their lotion. I recently stopped proactive because I read that it increases cell turnover (this may help clear acne, but for some it may break them out more, increasing cell turnover increases the chances of your pores being clogged and also MORE IMPORTANTLY TO ME it increases skin aging because a skin can only divide so many times, and increasing this will make you age !! So anyways. I have only been washing my face with water. Dove soap if I am wearing make up, but sometimes I would even wash my makeup with only water but it would take forever to get it clean. Basically my theory was I need to decrease how fast the cell regenerates. I need to let my natural oils do their thing. I actually bought distilled water and poured some in a spray bottle and just spray my face and pat dry it. Sometimes I would slightly massage my face. NOW THE KEY IS TO BE VERY GENTLE TO YOUR FACE. Whatever you apply to your face apply it as if you have sunburn. DO not use any type of scrub. (this is the reason I stopped proactive, because the cleanser had rough exfoliation particles). You may think that you need to kill all bacteria on your face, but you need that bacteria, it is normal. DO NOT touch your face unless cleansing or applying make up!!!! Washing with only water did not dry out my skin so I stopped using lotions. I would recommend that you stop using anything, but water on your face. If your face is oily blot it with a tissue. When you sleep either try sleeping on your back or change the pillow case every night. I recommend sleeping on your back because you don't really want any type of pressure on your face. That's why when you wear a hat, your forehead my break out. Same concept with having your face in a pillow ALL NIGHT. This was extra hard for me, but I am getting used it, and if you want some tips on how to make the transition easier, just ask Okay another thing I did is reduce carbs of course. One thing that helps A LOT, if you do eat something that can raise your blood sugar levels, eat something with lots of healthy fat. I dip cucumbers in extra virgin olive oil. It's greasy and doesn't taste the best but you get used to it. The fat slows absorption of sugar which reduces the blood sugar spikes! NO MILK OR CHEESE or any dairy. The reason this may cause problems in some are all the hormones, including testosterone and insulin and Igf-1. If you look these 3 hormones they directly effect acne. DO NOT PICK OR POP. No matter how "careful" you are the acne will spread. The Christmas break was a perfect opportunity to let my skin heal. Usually I have to pop one here and one there because I could not walk around with a big ugly whitehead, but this time I did not touch them. They heal in like 3 days, some 1 day, some maybe longer, but I do not mess with them. Also since I am on a break from school, my stress has been reduced GREATLY and I have been exercising here and there. Exercise is the best way to reduce stress. Everyone knows that stress contributes to acne so exercise!! Also I have been drinking spearmint tea. I found some at the health food store that only has spearmint and not peppermint. There was a study that it reduces male hormones in women. I have noticed this only works in women, but I am not 100%. In some, it may not work of course, but it did help me. SO THESE ABOVE THINGS i have been doing for some time already, but this week i have been very good with it and I did it all at once. They are common sense tips for acne that everybody should be following. This morning I woke up with no new pimples which is so unusual for me. LASTLY I am taking one supplement and only this one. It's not a "supplement" its a Chinese herb capsule. When I left my stuff back at my apartment I also left my supplements. My zinc, multiv, fish oil, probiotics, chromium. So I was not taking anything. I think the Chinese herbs helped the most because its the only "new" thing that I really added. Like I said the above things I always kind of did here and there, but all this together gave beautiful results. I am in no way associated with the maker or anything. I walked into the Chinese Herb store in my neighborhood and asked for something for acne. He just handed me this without thinking twice. They are called Comedo Clear Herbal Supplement. If you decide to take it follow the directions. I found them here, they are exactly like the ones I have, but I bought mine at a store. So if anyone has any questions I do think I know a lot, I have been reading and researching acne treatments since forever. I am 20, breaking out since 13!! I do have scars, but hopefully they will fade because I wont be using any type of peel since the skin aging. Any questions ask!!




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