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So im not sure if anyone will ever come across this but if you do feel free to post a comment or advice. First off, just so you can get to know me, I'm 16 and until about 2 and a half months ago I have had fairly clear skin. I had no need to constantly search the internet for remedies. I had not regime and let my skin be the way it was, all the while popping pimples as i saw them :S, until about 4 months ago when the first real product i used was Vichy Normaderm. I had some blemishes and the lady at the store said this would work very well, after all "it was #1" . For the first few weeks it didnt do anything but it turns out i was using it incorrectly and so switched and began using it properly. To my suprise it worked well after about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, when i went on vacation to the sunny destination of Dominican Republic I broke out like crazy without changing my regime. I simply thought that it was the extreme change in climate and diet. However, to my dismay, weeks went by after and my acne did not clear. I decided to stop using Vichy because a friend said she had used the same thing but broke out and she switched to St. Ive's Apricot Scrub, I did the same and it seemed to work but it made me become inflamed. I also tried witch hazel which also enflamed my skin. Weeks ago i switched Dead Sea Premier's Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap, which gave a different sensation when i used it. Instead of enflaming it made my skin somewhat dry but only to an extent, it also made my skin feel smoother. Somehow i also came across on the internet that Aloe Vera helps heal acne and i have been using that regularly straight from the plant. It has not been used enought to see any drastic results but it does seem to speed healing. Tonight i plan on using an egg white facial which from reviews seems very promising. This is the regime i hope to stick with for a period of time to see how it works: AM 1) Wash and exfoliate with Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap 2) Apply Fresh Aloe Vera Gel PM 1) Use ice to reduce inflammation 2) Wash and exfoliate iwth Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap 3) Apply Fresh Aloe Vera gel About 4x a week use egg white facial mask If anyone happens to stumble upon this blog feel free to comment, give advice and if necessary, criticize Thanks, Jon