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Today I took my first pill. It's taken about three years for me to get Accutane, due to insurance run-arounds and doctor-messups. I'm relieved to finally have it in my possession [ YAY! 250$+ med.'s for 5$!!;] I'm going to post a pic ASAP. I want to well document this unneeded endeavor and hope that I can give someone hope, lords know I use to run to the site when I was having a skin-dramatic breakdown to check out post-Tane results to get a teaspoon of hope. Here's a little about my skin's history My SKIN HISTORY: -I've had mild acne since I was 14 years old. -It worsen AFTER my doc started prescribing me anti-biotics (16) -Then I on to try Proactiv --- biggest skin mistake EVER! It royally fucked up my skin.(17) -After that I gave up on my doc's and did my own research and found TANE!(18-19) -So for 2-3 years I've begged my derm. to gimme some, she eventually bulged(now, 20) -By this time, my skin was already get crazy cystic acne, already scarred up , already wrinkled:( -MY FACE IS A TOTAL MESS. I HOPE THIS CURES IT. (20) [it really sucks for me because I look like a little girl(facial structure), but the condition of my face up close spells different. I just really want to relieve myself of the nuisance of a problem already.] KEEP Y'ALL POSTED




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