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hello all.. so today was.. well, ick. i got pretty upset after school today, a lot of random crap just ticked me off friends at school looking at my face instead of my eyes (ever had that happen before? freaking sucks ), having a dumb moment in my AP statistics class, muggy icky bus ride home, crap with my dad, ah. fun. so i just took a longggg hot bath and cried myself better. yeah, boohoo. oh and i got my term grades, they were alright, generally bummed me out even more.. but ANYWAYS. to the matter of what this website is for! acne. wooo, acne.. so i've been dreadfully lazy with the regimen... i'm terrible at being consistent.. and it's definitely showing well it's not so terrible, but ya know.. it sucks enough to suck. lol. so i still have that pimple on my forehead.. and it seemed to be coming to a head, but i noticed this morning it actually kinda flattened.. of course, i was delighted and despite my prone-ness to get red hp after pimples around my cheek, it never seems to happen on my forehead.. the less the better lol, but i'm afraid this pimple might be a first :'( i'd be so pissed.. and i have this suuuuuper red mark on my cheek from this one gnarly zit i had a coupla weeks ago it's really prominent, nottt cool sigh. and my skin is still pretty dry, one night i didnt moisturize, sure took it's toll lol.. i have a tad bit of flakiness on my lower face/neck area. and i have a zit on my right side of my temple coming in although one from that same area is going away.. woo sigh. well, i guess i'm to blame, i haven't done anything since the night before last night bad, i know... last night i was so busy/tired, i just didn't have the will :/ and of course, i didnt wake up early this morning.. that never happens anyway tomorrow will be quite a day, hopefully this weekend will go well! hooray for long entries lol... peace





busy day..

soo no one has read this.. but nevertheless, it'd be nice to at least keep a blog for myself.. of course, comments are still welcome todayy i've had a busy day... went to school, came home, and i haaad to practice my violin and rehearse at around 7, and i have a load of homework and studying.. sigh. so the bad part.. i havent done any regimen stuff today. at all. all i've done is cleanse my face this morning before running out to the bus. i'm so pooped, so i'm probably gonna hit the sack in a bit, and try my *hardest* to wake up around 4am to finish up my studying, my brain is deadddd. aand my hope is to have time remaining to do my regimen, yeeah? ha ha, we'll see how that works out... my skin of course, is oily, i have a taddd but of flakes on my lower chin area, and i have a pimple on my forehead that seems to be coming to a head, and two pimples around the right side of my face near the temple. that's about it.. not too bad. but of course, i still have a lotttt of reddish hp. still no idea how to attach pictures.. i'd at least like to document my course.. i'll look into that later. night guys, peace




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gonna start posting blogs...

hey you guys! well, a small intro, i'm 16 almost 17, i've had acne for about 7-8 years now, and my acne severity has ranged from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. as of right now, my acne is splendid! in comparison to what it use to be haha. i have acne on my face, pretty much all on my cheeks, somewhat on my chin, and i have acne on my back also. i actually should have stated posting a long time ago.. hehe. i've been on dan's regimen for hmmm, 2ish months? though i havent been necessarily following it religiously.. i do it once a day and i add the AHA+ in with it, and i do the occasional home remedy. my actualy acne is actually doing wonderful, i currently have about 3 pimples on my face, and just a few on my back, which from before, is great! so dan's stuff works for sure. and i'm positive that if i did it twice a day, it would work 100%, i just have problems waking up early enough before school.. but i'm gonna be working on that! so my regimen is... acne.org cleanser. acne.org bp. acne.org AHA+ i use the moisturizer whenever i feel extra dry, but i have oily skin, so i'm usually okay with just AHA+. and i just got my jojoba oil in today! so yea, i'm going to do my best to post regularly! aand i'm gonna try and figure out how to post pictures, haha.. if any of you guys know how, i'd love the help, hehe. hope to see some replies.. of course, a teenage girl with skin issues could use all the support she could get i have my good share of support and ridicule sigh but i'll post of that psychological crap later, as i've dealt with that for sure.. ANYWAYS. your replies will be greeeatly appreciated and replied back to! thanks you guys!