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hello all.. so today was.. well, ick. i got pretty upset after school today, a lot of random crap just ticked me off friends at school looking at my face instead of my eyes (ever had that happen before? freaking sucks ), having a dumb moment in my AP statistics class, muggy icky bus ride home, crap with my dad, ah. fun. so i just took a longggg hot bath and cried myself better. yeah, boohoo. oh and i got my term grades, they were alright, generally bummed me out even more.. but ANYWAYS. to





busy day..

soo no one has read this.. but nevertheless, it'd be nice to at least keep a blog for myself.. of course, comments are still welcome todayy i've had a busy day... went to school, came home, and i haaad to practice my violin and rehearse at around 7, and i have a load of homework and studying.. sigh. so the bad part.. i havent done any regimen stuff today. at all. all i've done is cleanse my face this morning before running out to the bus. i'm so pooped, so i'm probably gonna hit the sac




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gonna start posting blogs...

hey you guys! well, a small intro, i'm 16 almost 17, i've had acne for about 7-8 years now, and my acne severity has ranged from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. as of right now, my acne is splendid! in comparison to what it use to be haha. i have acne on my face, pretty much all on my cheeks, somewhat on my chin, and i have acne on my back also. i actually should have stated posting a long time ago.. hehe. i've been on dan's regimen for hmmm, 2ish months? though i havent been necessarily fol




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