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My Journey through Isotretinoin (Accutane)

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Pains, Pains, Pains

Day 11, 23rd pill 30 mg twice a day I CAN'T SLEEEEEEP!! Well, not always, but it's is difficult for me to fall asleep. I used to go to bed around 10 to 11 with no probs, but now? im up and wide awake till probably 2 or 3. and I still manage to wake up around 7!! I feel like a zombi rest of the day.

Joint and Muscle aches. Gosh, I never knew walking up the stairs or studying can be so tough. My joints, especially my elbow shoulder and ankles are sore. I was holding up my head with my hands on a table while waiting for food and... OUCH! Also, sitting in class for many hours and coming home to study has been quite annoying. My lower back and neck has been getting annoying too. Dang.

Dryness. Of course, dry lips.. Vaseline at night and Carmex during the day works. But my lips are still peeling. Argh. and the skin around my lips are still itchy. No more dry nose.. or it doesn't feel dry anymore. I might have gotten used to it. Dry face.. almost completely non-oily face! My face is flaking that it is hard to blend in liquid foundation. Dry skin and scalp. Some areas, not everywhere have been getting dry. My scalp has been itchy. Started using Head and Shoulders every other day.
My private area is dry as well. And it is hard for me to go to the bathroom (..#2 if you know what i mean). It's probably because of lack of water. hope I'm not grossing anyone out (: Breakouts. Had some breakouts but nothing big. I have about 20+ active pimples right now. That sounds a lot but I used to be a lot worse. I'm getting alot around my chin and neck area. Not all but some are cystic. All in all, all GOOD. No mood changes, but the lack of sleep is making me a bit irritable and sensitive. Any questions? I don't even know if anyone is finding this interesting. Lol. Oh well. Bye, talk to you all soon.





Unusual symptoms? What's going on?

Day 8, 17th pill 30 mg twice a day I am kind of getting used to this stuff. Getting used to carrying around chapstick wherever i go, getting used to random joint sores.. For last lakers finals (yeah they won!!), i went out to a bar and had a glass of wine. Last night, i went out and had a shot of sake.. I am not sure if I should even be drinking on Accutane, but limiting my drinks to one glass and shot is ok I think. Let me know if you're on it and have drank or not drank. Here are my symptoms for Week 1. Usual stuff, but some are not! Let me know if you had/have these problems too! Plz and thankq Dry lips. Obviously, my lips have been dry. They have flaked and using Vaseline and blistex has helped me a lot. I reapply every hour or so because without it, wow it's pretty uncomfortable.

Dry nose.My nose is not that bad! Actually, it doesn't really bother me at all. Some times I would feel stuffy but nope, it seems to have gotten better from two days ago when it was in the beginning and i am no longer bothered by it.

Dry skin.The dryness isn't so dry as my last blog post. Somehow.. it's become less flaky. For the last day I was really oily, but I think starting this morning my oil has lessened.. not to a point where there is a big difference, but there is less oil. Yay! Some areas on my body is getting a bit dry too.. and it can be itchy as well but nothing too bad. I still don't put lotion all over my body yet.

Breakouts.Initial breakouts have happened! but it is a mini! I am preparing for the worst and I have had about 5~10 new breakouts.. some are cysts but it is nothing too horrible. The pimples are a bit different though because they are hard. It is not the usual swollen, painful soft cystic pimples, but more hard, more pressurized(?) pimples.. it itches but hey, all pimples are like that.

Joint pains.I would get random soreness at the joints especially my wrist, elbow, and ankles. I was holding a baby for 5 minutes and i started to get so sore that my arm started to shake a bit. Also, I've been wearing heels for the last 4-5 years and am very comfortable in it, but I could not walk in heels more than 10 minutes last night! It is only my right ankle though. but it hurt!
Mood. no change in mood. Hopefully never! Private area, down there. I think I am starting to get dry down there.. don't know if this is normal. and it is becoming sensitive.. in a bothersome way. fyi im a girl. Now.. Here are the unusual symptoms. Help me out if you know what's wrong! I am scared that I might be allergic, or something is going wrong... [*]itchyness of skin around lips, not red or anything but so itchy! [*]losing sleep.. can't go to sleep for the life of me! [*]dry throat, to a point i choke on my spit .. what's wrong? Is this normal?





So the Symptoms begin...

Day 5, 11th pill 30mg twice a day I am guessing that day 5 is the day the symptoms begin because I am experiencing them today. Here are the ones I've noticed. Dry lips. It wasn't until yesterday that I started getting dryer lips. My lips aren't just dry, it is starting to flake and break. Ouch! But it is not too bad yet. It is kind of leathery.. I am preparing for the worst. I got blistex? (the red medicated one) and I use it with Carmex lip conditioner in those squeeze tubes. I try to put a lot at once so I don't have to reapply them, but it seems like my lips just soak it all up because in about an hour my lips are dry again.

Dry nose. It is not terrible yet either.. just beginning. I can already tell it will get worse. It feels like I have dry boogers (>.<) stuck all over my nose, if you know what I mean.

Dry Skin. My skin started to flake and get dry. The area around my nostrils are already pretty flaked.. I can see the lifted skin if I cross my eyes.. lol. The corners of my nostrils are getting sensitive. I try to put more moisturizer in that area.. but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice? Oh yeah I am still oily.. darn it!
Breakouts. No serious initial breakouts yet. If anything, my acne kinda shrunk and got smaller. I still have some cystic acne on my neck where my chin folds into the top of my neck but.. no initial breakout yet.. But again, I think it'll come.. hopefully never.. but It'll come.. T-T ..those are about it.. no serious noticeable change in mood. hopefully never. that's the scariest part. Dear Lovethefreeworld, Thank you for your comment. It is nice to know that I am not alone! (: Glad to hear that you're starting next week. I know it takes quite a lot to get started on Accutane.. lots of lab work.. doctor visits.. etc. I felt like it took forever to start. It'll work out for both of us! p.s. Any of you who are interested, I am thinking about doing a blog on the prices of Accutane.. or Clavaris (the one I am taking).. and the insurance and stuff.. Let me know if you think that will be appropriate!






It's been 4 days since I've started Claravis a.k.a. Isotretinoin or Accutane. I am on 30mg twice a day totaling my dosage to 60mg a day. Before I get into how I am feeling on the drug, I think it's important for you to understand my history of acne and the specifics about my body so that it might make my experience more relatable to you. Current Age: 21 Sex: female Ethnicity: Asian First signs of Acne: 12 or 13 years old When it got bad: Maybe 3-4 years ago Current weight: 105 lbs. Height: 5'4" Skin type: Oily Current Skin: *all these are active on my face right now 2 or 3 Cystic/Nodular acne (not too big though) 10+ Papules acne (inflamed, red pimples with no head) 5+ Pustules acne (inflamed pimples with white/yellow center.. one you want to squeeze) and lots of white heads and blackheads Lots of acne scars.. hyper-pigmentation.. etc. Other treatments I've tried: Proactive (no result only increased sensitivity and irritation of the eyes. Turns out I am highly sensitive to Benzoyl-Peroxide) Herbal and tropical medication Acupuncture Peeling Getting my Pimples squeezed out by a beautician Zinc (oral) ... etc. As you can see, its been a long battle with acne for me. I've tried a lot of different things and finally resorted to Accutane. Does my description fit any of yours? I will write how the first 5 days on accutane has been for me tomorrow. Good night!




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