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My second journey through Accutane.

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The dermatologist tricked me!

So I thought I would start taking accutane on the 7th but that's not the case. I have to wait at least the 10th to start. But I want to hurry and start taking it! When I do start, I will be taking Claravis. Hope it gives the same results. I know it's the same as Accutane but my mind gets the best of me and makes me feel anxious if it's not the original brand. I'm sure it'll be alright...right? Right. Of course. Anyway, I think i might upload pictures of my progress. Maybe take one every month? I hope my acne clears ASAP. Can't take this any longer! I'm jealous of anyone who can leave the house without make up on!! :b





June 7th

Awaiting the day until June 7th comes. On this day, I will start my second round of Accutane. It's my second time now- I took Accutane several years ago. My previous dermatologist said that I will probably not have to deal with acne problems this severe again... oh, boy he was wrong. I can't quite remember exactly how severe my acne was back in high school but I think this time's worse So here I am again, preparing myself both mentally and physically for Accutane. I remember having REALLY dry lips..ugh. But to be honest, that was the only problem I encountered. Hopefully, it'll be the same this time around.. I've already prepared loads of lip balm and chapsticks! I'm praying that this will be the LAST time I will have to take Accutane again. It's just so frustrating that I have to go through this again. I did not vision myself at 18 years with acne still when I was 15 (the age when I first took acne). It's just so upsetting. Oh well, just gotta deal. Anyway, aside from that brief description of my past acne & Accutane experiences, I just wanted to start a blog in order to record what I go through and my experiences on my second round of Accutane, which I could hopefully help fellow acne-proners (I think I just made up a word) who are dealing with the same problems! I honestly don't care if anyone reads this or not; this is for me mainly to keep me sane throughout this Accutane adventure! (oh please..) :b So yeah, I'll be explaining my daily regimens, doses, and etc. in detailed description. Who knows, maybe some day I can look back at my blog and reminisce those wonderful acne days.... (sarcasm to the max).




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