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Damn it's been a while !!! =O

Hey!!! it's meh...I'm back ! =) It's been such a while...I'm sorry...haha. It's been officialy summer for a while now, I'm searching for a new job, going out a bit, family trips...blah blah.... Ultimately my back is still clear!! yay! I was lazy for a while and even stopped putting on AHA on my upper back, and It stays clear!! my breakouts on my back were so bad but so easy to get rid of, only using glycolic acid and no BP....I'm so happy I get to wear tank tops again!! yayy! I just received my products from Dan, I ordered the 10% AHA and 2.5% BP. I've been using them for 4 days now, and I already see improvements. I'm really happy. I know my acne can't get worse. The AHA stings a bit at first, probably due to my ultra sensitive skin, but after rubbing it on with the Benzoyl Peroxide on my face my redness quickly decreases. I'm amazed! No reactions t'ill now, pimples are getting smaller and smaller and no rash occured. And trust me, I have a very very sensitive skin, so sensitive that even baby products gives me reactions ! 0_o. I also noticed that the products contains no parabens and no other ingredients ending in....."araben" wich is really good 'cause I heard these are not good for your skin. The ingredients list is pretty short, well, shorter than Paula's choice lists wich Is REALLY GOOD! =D I'll continue on using Acne.org's products and I hope this is finally the cure for my acne !! I'll give you further news in the next weeks ! Random fact of what I'm doing right now...um....yeah: Heyy! I'm also trying out a diet right now! well....maybe not a "diet" but trying my best not to eat too much sugar,chips,junk and over-eating!! I'm sure this will be good, not only for my skin but for my weight. Not that I'm overweight..but ya know, I'm a teenage girl and it's summer...trying my best to be as skinny as possible, though I sure gained weight lately. I try my best to eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, proteins, vege burgers (wich are delecious!), and drink water and mostly....EXERCISE! haha, wish me luck! I already noticed my belly is not as round and bloated as usual haha.... Have a nice Day! =D x0x

Holy mighty sun,potato,water & High knee socks.

~Hyyya!!! sorry, It's been a while, I'm doing lots of things lately...~ â•£Hey! so, I don't work anymore, but I go out a lot lately, and to me honestly at least 2 times a week is a lot ! X) I reunited with my old friends and go a lot to my bff's house wich is haunted. SERIOUSLY. haha. a friend of her mom's is gonna come soon to exorcise it. haha. and I got money now so take the bus to Ottawa and I walk around, shop with some friends, and chill at near coffee shops. It seems lame but I'm a really chill person and I like to do relaxing things, compared to my friend who goes to Moshpits and recently broke her leg there...ha. I also bought like 20 pairs of high knee socks (like in my personal photo) I find them sooo CUTE! ^^... â•£I think going out and finally having fun affects my skin, my skin is wayyy better now, I still use the potato treatment, I apply green tea to my face and Paula's Choice AHA. I just ordered Dan's BP and 10% AHA, I can't wait for these to arrive. =D I don't stay all locked up inside my house anymore, I am finaly going out and seeing people, makes me feel a lot better mentally, and physically. There's still some times where I want to let my skin breath and take a break from that heavy foundation, but instead of going on the computer all day, I go outside and sunbath, exposing my back so my bacne can dry up. and OMG! it does work. ... â•£...Maybe not sunlight alone, but I've applied AHA on my upper back everynight and day, and I don't have bcne anymore. Only, i got a big sunburn, but atleast I'm free of pimples =) . It's been for soooo long since I've wore a freaking tank top, and now I can, WWWOOHOOO! XDD) ~And about the potato rubbing on face, it definately works to lighten acne scars, and it reduces swelling. Plus, it's cheap as fack. from time to time I also aplly raw non-pasteurized honey on my face. It makes my skin feels so smooth and it moisturizes it. *Happyyyyy* xD ~

Meh...could be better.

Hey!.... Today, it's really sunny outside, the wind feels good and the weather's fine. I really want to go out with some friends but my skin looks kinda bad...mostly because I pinched it last night.....ARG! I'm so fkiing stupid why do I do this??! My skin is hella fine then I can't help it, I just look for the smallest blakheads that doesn't even show that much on my face and pinch and pick on 'em t'il blood drips out. Ouch. Then, I have red spots all over my face. It's easily covered yep, but it feels just wrong and I simply give my face a break from makeup and try on any kind of masks to make them disappear faster... So today, I'll just stay inside my house all day.... For the better side, I've done a very awesome photoshoot last week ! My friend who wants to become a model (she's very tall and beautiful indeed) said that she wanted to create a portfolio to show to agencies. Since I'm very creative and I LOVE to take pictures I suggested myself to her as her photograph, YAY! I wish I could show you guys...the pictures are awesome! I photoshopped them and they really look professional. I did a portrait of my friend inspired by The Girl with a Pearl Earring, but more modern. It turned out really good... Anyway, I guess I'll drink Green Tea all day, at least take some fresh air in my backyard..and Oh! btw, I did noticed a difference from not taking as much dairy foods and drinks as I used too. My skin did feel and looked better, but then I ate some chocolate chip cookies and couldn't resist a nice glass of milk...... And also, a milkshake yesterday. haha. My blackheads looks more apparent, and my face feels like...greasy, EW. haha. Now, I MUST stop drinking milk, eating ice cream and stuff like that... arg. It's hard...haha! Anyway, I wish you all an awesome day ! Ana

"I'm Back!" Said the girl, dripping oil on her keyboard...

Heyy! It's meh! and I'm back... I'm sorry, It's been a while...Oh and the title is simply 'cause I curently have an olive oil mask haha....I leave it on my skin to hydrate it when it's on crisis...I only leave it for a little while because it does block your pores...haha. So, I recently got a job, in a...kind of a Bath&Body boutique...they sell cute little beauty products and lotions...I like my job hehe. My skin isn't so bad now, I still rub a potato on my face (-_-) And it does reduce redness and scars! I slowly stop using Paula's choice products and It's been a while I didn't use my Clindamycin cream. I don't feel like I need it anymore and I'm kinda lazy...ha. When I'ts pay day I'm gonna buy Dan's BP...It have really good reviews and Paula's Choice BP feels like I don't get the wanted results with it, and my Clindamycin cream (Clindasol Cream) makes my skin really oily and shiny. It's summer time so, my skin tends to get oily and I don't need some cream making it even worse. I was chatting with AcneCSMH, and here's a sample of her message: AcneCSMH: if it werent for makeup we'd all be screwed i wonder how cavewomen dealt w. acne : P lol haha, funny girl xD But it's so true, I really wonder how people dealt with it in the 1700's or 600's or....in 1800. Did they have acne cream? was their acne as bad as it is today? did people really care at all if they had acne? haha. For my part, I believe that acne wasn't as bad as today. I mean, people were eating non-processed food, with no pesticides added and fake or chemical shit like that...they didn't wear heavy makeup and they spended they're time outside. And there was no really bad pollution at that time, and toxic shit in the air....I really believe that pollution and chemicals that we live with/in today contributes to worsen acne. I can be wrong, but that's just what I believe. Anyway, I have another theory...haha. Since I started working my skin gets better...?!? umm...okay, maybe it doesn't even makes sense haha....But I think it's simply because I'm so occupied I think less about how bad my skin is, I stopped spending my days stuck inside my house, looking in the mirror and pinching my skin. Where I work I sometimes get customers that have problems with acne / or acne scars and I love to give them my latest tips and tricks and reccomend them things we have in stock. Also, as a girl, I really rather see myself with makeup then without...and I used to spend my days all au naturel, sitting on my fat ass watching T.V all day and I was really depressed about how I look when I saw myself like that. Of course I'm gonna be depressed if I only spend my days like that doing nothing 'bout my acne and looking like shit. haha. When I put on makeup my acne seems very less worse and I feel really better, that's where it leads to positive thinking (I'm pretty). haha told ya i'm a spiritual-optimistic person XD...! Then, I believe it all leads to make my skin better...Ha. Anyway... I'm gonna go take off that olive oil mask....and may you all have an awesome day ! Ana

Going out for the 1st time in months...!

Hey ...I just woke up... Yep yep, today I am going out for the first time in like 5 months ! Maybe even more...haha. I'm going to the theater with my girlfriend to go see...Prince of Persia. Not really my type of movie...but I'll probably laugh . My skin isn't that bad I guess, It's just that.. since I started using clindamycin as a topical antibiotic my skin is oily?? huh... I think that sooner or later I'll go back to BP, I actually liked that better. Yesterday night (since I was going out tomorrow) I was like going crazy on my skin and doing all sorts of masks to help my skin clear up better. I used: egg white mask, egg yolk (my skin is very dry), carbon mask and finally Honey. and woah! HONEY! yer yer yer! Honey is amazing for skin! It does takes redness away and reduce size of pimples...on top of that it lightens scars and hydrates skin! It's so awesome I'm gonna have an other mask right now.... PS: Sorry If I write alot in a matter of days...I just try to make my blog as daily as possible, to give you as much detail on what's happening with my skin and the treatments I use. I really hope you enjoy it and I'm grateful that you take your time to read my Blog....thanks! Ana

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


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Say NO to Milk!

Hey!... I really want to stop any dairy intake. Now's the time since I'm motivated (For once)... I really want to see if it actually haves an impact on my skin, for the better. This morning I started by not adding milk in my daily cup-a-coffee . Well that's a start! haha. Even if my skin is not at it's best, Am pretty happy today . I just got a phone call from the health & beauty store where I've applied; that they are very satisfied with my job interview last day. and they want to see me another time! (And yes, I went even tough I looked like sh*t, hehe.) ALSO!....I'm still using the potato treatment, and I noticed it's anti-inflammatory properties really are taking effect! it does soothes my skin...WHAT?! haha...yer. I wish you all a good day!

Paula,I LOVE u!

Hyaa!! So, before I am going to crash on my big bum and watch Asian Horror all day (another rainy day, you know...), I want to talk about the only products that managed to control my acne...Paula's Choice products. Oay, These products are AMAZING! I even found comments on her Website from customers saying it's as powerful as Accutane! 0_o ? : (On her 2% BHA solution) Yeah, I was very skeptic. I bought these products, my whole freakin' face depends on these !! And all I can say is my acne was never the same....in a good way. I used to get big red bumps and cysts, mostly on my nose area, but I never get those again. Sure I get the occasional pimples, but I can tell that my acne is greatly controlled. My favorite is her "CLEAR Extra Strength Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner" (long, huh?) Here what it claims: •Silky, toner-like liquid leaves skin refreshed, soothed, and clarified •Quickly unclogs pores to clear stubborn acne and blackheads •Exfoliates skin and dramatically decreases redness for glowing, even-toned results •Ongoing use guarantees stubborn blemishes won't be a problem •Makes the inflammation and redness from acne a distant memory •Kills acne-causing bacteria •100% fragrance- and colorant-free ; effective pH range of 3.2–3.6 •Same great formula as our 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid •Contains 2% Salicylic Acid ... And all her products are alcohol,fragrance & colorant-free. It really did the trick for my very sensitive skin. Anyway, all that to say it really saved my skin, I'm just mad I haven't find out about those earlier... haha. Paula also offers a great range of non-comedogenic and oil-free makeup products and foundations. Seriously, if I didn't found these my skin would be like a hundread times worse! ha... I love you Paula! Ana

Didn't sleep all night...did affect my skin.

Hi! So...I just woke up. I forgot to take my medication yesterday couldn't sleep all night. I have Insomnia. And when I don't get enough sleep not only do I feel like crap but it really does show on my skin. When you sleep your skin is most active and repair itself. Your beauty sleep is very important. And I hate it because It's always when my skin looks the baddest that I can't sleep and I feel like my acne treatment didn't work its best & my skin is as irritated as the night I pinched it... When my skin is very bad, I just drink plenty of water before going to bed at like 7pm haha. Last night I didn''t used my ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Toner...I added lemon juice to it wich made my skin worse !! ARG! stupid me!....I heard there's an allergy to lemons that gives you rashes...and I did have a rash and more pimples...maybe just a coincidence or maybe I'm just Paranoid...haha, but I don't wanna take any chance. Plus, let's say my apple cider vinegar is not the most natural and contains lots of fake stuff and conservatives... There's just the Green Tea in it wich I think actually aided my skin but I was kinda nervous when I read somewhere that something in it actually makes your skin produce more oil...not sure about this one but still....Yikes. My skin now depends on Paula's Choice products and a Potato....hum....

My experience with Vitamin E oil

This entry is based on what I'VE experienced while trying out vitamin E oil, it might still be different for you Okay...Vitamin E...scar miracle?; Maybe so...Increase breakouts? MAYBE SO...In fact; didn't work for me...Let me explain: This was months ago. Because of my "Damn I have a Zit!!! Must Destroy!!!" Picking habits, multiple red spots were left on my cheeks and chin. My skin was almost cleared out of pimples but these scars wouldn't leave. I was desperate to find something that would fade them away. Surfing on the internet, I found articles talking about multiple scar lightening natural treatments, but one that was most given props for was Vitamin E. At first I tought it was crazy to put on oil on an already oily and acne prone face, but I gave it a try anyway. I bought a bottle of 800 IU vitamin e pills and pop them with a needle then apply it to my face. Every night I did this for about 2 weeks and my skin was brighter, smoother and I really did noticed my scars started to fade! I was amazed! Months passed, I was still using this treatment even if my skin started to break out. I tought it was just a normal hormonal breakout and it would go away...I also noticed that my pores seemed bigger and darker. Mostly on my nose. My scars were really almost gone but I started to break out like crazy! when Summer came I packed my things and went to my aunt's house to see my cousin in New Brunswick. that night I noticed I forgot to pack my vitamin e pills. Too bad. I spent 1 month there, and I swear, my skin was doing better ! Coincidence? or was it really because I stopped applying vitamin E?... When I finally came back I started using vitamin E oil again. And guess what? I broke out! and my pores were glogged like hell! I immediatly stopped using it for good. Maybe thats just because I have a really sensitive skin, or because I'm allergic to it, I'll never know for sure...All I know is that it sure works for scars, but not for acne. I guess since it's Oil, it obviously blocks your pores. So that's it for this Entry! I hope it helps you decide on wether or not you should use vitamin E oil! Ana

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


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POTATO! yes, I said...potato.

OMG POTATO !!! Okay, I recently started the potato treatment, wich consist of rubbing a sliced raw potato on your face and wait for the juice to penetrate your skin. I read about it about a week ago...heres a little description of what's it do: Potato juice will clean the skin, its enzymes acting as a natural antiseptic useful for killing off the bacteria which cause acne outbreaks. In this way potato juice will indeed cure acne, but not the scars untreated acne leaves behind. Once the damage has been done, the scars cannot be removed. This does not mean that potato juice is of no use to aid the skin in healing. What people do not realize is that, though the scars are there to stay, they can be lightened and shrunk, making them less visible. I've been only doing this for 4 days, and I already see results!! seriously, you feel stupid rubbing a potato on your face... but it works for me! my scars actually ligthen, and a little rash on my right cheek seem less apparent. Potatoes have a natural skin-lightening enzyme that can be placed underneath the eyes to brighten dark circles and to dark scar pigmentation. Contains chlorine, vitamins and antioxidants. I use it twice a day, mornng and night, I simply let the juice dry on my skin before applying moisturizer. I will continue on with this treatment, and see if I get more results! Ana

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


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Acne: Skin Deep...

I had acne since I was 12 years old. I've always hated myself but on top of that I got acne! So guess what...I hated myself even more. I put on makeup to embelish myself, make myself look more err...presentable. You can tell I don't have that much confidence. But now, makeup is simply my life saver, my mask, all my confidence depends on a tiny bottle of foundation. I know ; Really Bad bad thing... . In fact, my worst fear is for anyone to see me without makeup; because makeup make me seem flawless, I don't want to disappoint anyone when they would see my true face. It's a very vicious circle ; You want to hide your acne, so you put on foundation and makeup that actually makes your acne worse and blocks your pores. I started crying, cutting myself, missing primary school, became very aggressive. It was a tough period, nothing seem to work against my pimples, so I simply had to deal with it the best I could. Growing up, my skin seemed to improve but when that tought crossed my mind it would be worse the next day. I remember, the first anti-acne treatment I used was Proactiv. It worked on my sister's skin, so why not on Me? ...Bad idea. It actually wokred for a while, then my skin became worse. Dry itchy skin, red spots, my skin was bright red ...it did remove some of my zits but it would always come back. Next up : Murad. This thing doesn't even deserve me to write about...all I'm gonna say is....This thing is SH*T, Big time. Today, My skin is almost saved because of Paula's Choice products, wich I'm gonna blog about later...But all I wanna say is, Acne is more than just about your skin. It affects your confidence, your moral, your mind, your emotions, your social....It's more serious than it seems. When you have bad breakouts, make sure your supported by people you love and you trust. I would probalbly end up crazy if my mom wasn't there to support me, comfort me when I cried, mad about my skin. (Love you Mom ) . Please, be strong and don't let your acne control you and your life. Have a nice day! Ana