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My stupid sunblock!

My crazy stupid sunblock made my face break out terribly! I went on a shopping trip to an outside mall and put on Coppertone sensitive. I knew there was the possibility that It would cause a problem, but I had faith that since the bottle said "Non-Comedogenic especially for sensitive skin" it would be OK. WRONG! Now I have one horrible evil blemish above my lip!!!!!!!! It was there monday after the trip, but it was miniscule so I ignored it. As the week's gone on, it's turned into a night

Product review: Foundation/Concealer

For those who haven't read my blog...I have sensitive skin and almost all makeup causes breakouts and freakouts. So I've pretty much used every brand. When I first started using makeup it was: #1: Cover Girl foundation clean makeup with pressed powder. ( Pros: Lightweight and good color match, dries up acne. (Cons: It didn't cause me to break out at first but it started to make my skin flakey and dry around my nose. It seemed to dry up pimples, but more and more would start poppi

My skin hates me...and how to make mineral foundation.

My skin hates me this week. My face was looking wonderful. I guess it's all my fault because I make my own mineral makeup and I tried a new formula with Vanicream as the base for my concealer. I'm guessing my skin doesn't like it, lol! I have small whiteheads on my chin, around my nose and above my lip. I used a Kaolin mask on my face earlier today and now I'm using a Persa Gel spot treatment. So if I stop using my makeup concoction I will be clear in a couple of days...Hopefully. I t

Artificial Sweetener

I am so happy today! My face is looking good. I stopped using my tea tree oil lip balm and now the breakouts around my mouth are gone, yay! The Kaolin clay worked it's miracles too. Plus I stopped using Artificial Sweetener and my skin tone and everything has really improved. I found out that Artificial Sweeteners are hiding in a lot of drinks that most people are unaware of. So now I'm trying to just stick with real sugar. So problems with your skin might be from using a lot of Arti/Sweet

White Kaolin clay is a miracle!

I wrote yesterday that My chin/jawline was breaking out. I "removed" any whitheads/blackheads, Cleansed my face with Witch Hazel astringent added my dermaE lotion and allowed it to fully absorb. I poured white Kaolin clay into a small bowl, added a bit of water until it was a paste and put it on the spots with a cotton swab. I allowed it to stay on all night ( even if that meant it was crumbling on my pillow!) and it was worth it! Unlike acne spot treatments that have chemicals in them that

Me, myself and I.

I thought I should introduce myself. I am 22 years old, with pale sensitive skin. I sunburn easily and break-out with blemishes every time I use something with fragrance, dyes etc... I thought someone might benefit from my trials and tribulations with my skin. So here goes. It all started last year when winter hit. Before that, I had some acne as a teenager but it had cleared up when I was 18-20. It all came back and got worse as the air got colder and dryer. It was hard to treat becau
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