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One month in!

I just wanted to write a quick note about my progress after a month. I think that my skin looks a lot better! I don't have nearly as many pimples as before I started Dan's regimen. Also, they seem to occur much less frequently. My main problem is now red marks! I don't want to try anything to get rid of them yet; I don't want to add anything else too quickly. I do have a bottle of Clinigue Even Better Dark Spot Corrector that I want to use... has anyone tried it?





Camping mishap

I've been using Dan's regimen for about 20 days now. The last week has not been going so well since I've gone camping twice. The first round of camping was at an established camp ground with bathrooms and running water. I didn't have too much of a problem doing the regimen there, but I must admit I applied the steps a bit hastier then usual. The second trip was a disaster as far as sticking to the regimen went. I went primitive camping for three days! (non established camp site, no running water, etc.) I tried my best, but I definitely could not wash up as well as I wanted. Needless to say my chin is covered in big nasty pimples. I feel like I've undone all of my hard work. I was doing the regimen religiously and was beginning to see results. Hopefully this is only a minor set back....





Day 13 on Dan's regime

Okay, so after stumbling upon this website when I was googling an acne product review, I decided to give Dan's method a shot. Like the majority of people on this site, I have tried everything to make my skin better. My face has been breaking out since about the eighth grade, and I am currently 24. My acne had always been manageable, but then at the end of my junior year of college, it got pretty bad. I have been trying everything. I've spent hundreds of dollars over the past few years trying different regimens, trying to find a solution. This is the morning of my 13th day Dan's regimen. I have been using: *Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar *Dan's BP (I switched from Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment on the morning of day 10) *Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin (I know it's not recommended, but I already had some!) What I have noticed: *The pores on my nose and chin seem smaller, less noticeable *Texture of my skin feels smoother *Some of the clogged pores on my forehead are beginning to go away *My face is breaking out less (I only have 2 zits now, as opposed to the usual 5 or more) *Red marks are more apparent Also I'd like to note that I have not been wearing foundation or cover up since I started the regimen. This is a huge personal triumph for me. In the past I put on foundation almost any time I left the house. My boyfriend always told me not to wear it since it could be making my skin worse, but I have always been too insecure about my skin to go without it. My advice to any ladies that are having the same problem I was having: Buy some really good mascara or eyeliner. I have been using an awesome Lancome mascara with my regular eyeliner. It really makes my eyes pop, and I feel like it draws the focus to my eyes instead of my acne/red marks. I'm really liking Dan's regimen so far. I'll write another update in another 10 days or so, or if anything dramatic happens with my progress!




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