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Acne has ruined me!

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i'm too old for acne

tomorrow is my birthday and i dont feel like celebrating at all. why? because besides personal stuff that has been goin on with me, it doesnt help that my acne has gotten worse than better! my acne has not stopped popping in my face for the past two months and i have tried so many different treatments since my skinID regimen has failed on me after a year of using it. At first i thought it was my old job that was making me break out but it seems like it has gotten worse after i have left. Could there be another stressor that is triggering it? a month ago i went to see a dermatologist and she has put me on a 6week antibiotics. i just started taking the Cefadroxil a week ago because my husband and i are going on vacation next week and i cannot have any alcohol once i start them. I gave in when i woke up one morning and started crying because my face just got another zit. It was embarrassing because i want to be that trophy wife he can be proud of walking down the street but im not. To him tho he tells me im still pretty but i just dont feel pretty anymore. I have given up alcohol for our vacation for that smooth skin and after a week of taking these antibiotics, it just gotten worse! I know, i know it gets bad first then after weeeeks of using it it will eventually clear up. A lot of the OTC stuff i have used before the antibiotics has promised the same thing and still after have using Murad Acne Kit for 6weeks - i got nothing but more zits. After 6weeks of using Neutrogena Spot Treatment, nothing but it has spread more zit in my face. After 2months of Ortho Tri Cyclin Lo, i still have a pimpled face. I have avoided going out and seeing my friends because I am not proud of how i look. I don't even have the guts to walk by myself and enjoy the city because i dont want people to see my ugly face and ruin their day. I thought i would be done with acne after 21 but this is the first time my face has really gotten so bad and i'm so desperate to use anything and everything out there to get me clear skin. I don't even want to have babies anymore because i dont want them to go through what i am going through now. It was bad in gradeschool and highschool and it didnt stop there! College was hard too but adult acne is the worse! The antibiotics might be making me very emotional and depress but who wouldnt if they have the face like mine. I have scars, cystic acne and big red one's all over, especially around the chin and mouth area. My regimen now is the antibiotics twice a day. In the AM, i wash with cetaphil, put Epiduo cream and sunscreen then make-up. At night, Cetaphil wash, AcneFree 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment and moisturizer. And every morning since i started this regimen, new zits pop-up in the morning! I just don't get it anymore. My diet btw has been pretty good too. I only drink water and cold green tea. Ive started eating oatmeal most of the mornings and have added yogurt with my eating habbits. Ive been doing mini-work outs besides my walk around the neighborhood with my dog. And supposedly green tea and lemon helps clearing skin - i have not seen any results from that at all! Its been two months of green tea and lemon water and nada! I'm tired of seeing nothing, i need help and i need more advices out there besides the fashion magazines and Dr.Oz.




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