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Suggestion for helping with inflamed skin or mild breakouts

Hey there everyone, I know I may be new and all but I thought i'd share with you my own personal experiences on my path to curing my acne for good. Unfortunately I'm not quite yet there, however my overall skin tone has improved so much that I am certain it won't be too long yet So I created this blog to gain some valuable insight from fellow sufferers and see what sucesses (if any) you've accomplished from using home made techniques and or natural alternatives. I hope there are no typos, but this is gonna be a long winded post (so bare with me ) ~If any of you are interested , I'm going to make a short list below of natural and organic uses that i have tried and had sucesses with~ Top Acne Sucess: Ginger I can swear by Ginger which has aided in the restoration of my (moderate-severe) skin and ridding me of my cystic acne for good! What I do is I cut a few pieces of raw organic ginger (doesn't have to be Organic) into small slices and apply it to the spots/ cysts etc leaving it on for about 15-20 mins every 2 to 3 hours, I can confirm that after only a few applications the redness and the sheer size of the zit goes down almost immediately. Please note that it may be difficult for some at first due to the intensity the effect may have on your sensitive (lets face it we're all at this stage by now what with all the abuse we have dealt to our skin) or broken skin. I figured out a great way to get the Ginger to stick to the desired spot etc, by placing a band aid (plaster) over the freshly cut ginger it acts to keep it firmly in place. You Will have to grate the ginger thoroughly however for its active affects to take place! you may feel a slight stinging sensation, but don't worry its just a way of letting you know it's working its magic! After 2 weeks of this My skin had become completely clear, even my arms and bacne had cleared up relatively well, I use a Tea tree soap bar to wash with and I swear it has contributed to the postive outcome! it also is not drying which is a Plus.* ACV; Another great acne killer is ACV (also good for scars or pock marks) look this is Not a cure it's seldom a quick fix routine or last resort that some just desperately need! ACV > Apple Cider Vinegar is very strong and potent (pungent is more like it) so the aroma may be off putting at first, I recommend drinking rather than topical application. if however you feel brave enough to give it a go, then I highly suggest you only mix 2 parts water and only 1 part (1 tblspoon) of the ACV with a few dops of honey (as it acts as an anti-inflammatory) Drnking Method; In a glass of pure non teppid water (I drink bottled) place approx 2-3 tblspoons of the ACV or your own desired amount depending on what your taste buds are like. Next mix in a few drops of either lemon or lime juice Reason for this is it takes away the bitterness adding more of a twang, Honey can also be added to sweeten the concuction thereby making it eaiser to ingest. It's not really requirted but as you might well know Honey is a great source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, This alone can be very beneficial, but when combined with other active ingredients can greatly increase the chance of it working the way you want it to. Now what about face washes? or removing the oily build up that most of us suffer needlessly from? In my search for a great scrub. exfoliator and face wash Iv'e never come across as great a product as Tea Tree Oil and luckily a Soap based alternative to a wash is available! for me there has been no side effects, or any unwanted adverse reactions to the substance, thanfully it's so nourishing it leaves the skin soft and fully moisturised throughout the day so there's no risk of flaking and severe dry skin conditions to be had! This was always a worry and what I tended to greatly suffer from. Tea Tree + Green Tea work amazing well together in such perfect unison, that the acne/ spots etc have no choice but to surrender, ~DR Organic ranges~ This is what I found to be most beneficial and all around fantastic at keeping my skin clear and in control. I purchase the Organic Tea Tree with added Green Tea for extra affect. Here is a website dedicated to the Organic ranges > http://www.drorganic.co.uk It's relatively inexpensive and it last for up to 3-4 weeks depending on how often you wish to wash with *remember overwashing can strip away natural oil our skin produces, this inturn can lead to more oily build up (due to the sebaceous glands working overtime to reproduce the oil/s lost) and lead to dryness of the skin.* So to wrap it up if you're smart with your routine and don't overdo it, you might be on your way to a more clearer and noticeably calmer complexion before you know it. Okay so I will update soon, so far I've listed 2 *(I find) amazing acne fighters, and an alternative (this is up to you) to your usual face wash there's a few others I have not yet gone into depth with, so give me some time. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps a few people, I don't want to sound cocky or sure of myself so that is why I have not stated that this is a Cure for acne, only a suggestion. ; )

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