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Hi there, my name's Danielle and yes, I suffer from acne. I stumbled upon this site last night, read a few stories and was pleasantly surprised with all the supportive and encouraging comments. So here's my story. I have been suffering from acne since I was about 14 or 15 years old. Now the age of 19, I have yet to find a cure for clear skin. It's been a long process of trial and error from home remedies - steam cleansing, homemade masks; OTC and doctor prescribed topical creams, anti-biotics, birth control pills, but nothing was a permanent fix! Although I have had 2 very close encounters with clear skin: one was the BCP ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, and the other was changing my eating habits and lifestyle. I wasn't on Try Cyclen Lo for long, maybe 3 to 6 months and saw a drastic change in my face, but stopped because I was feeling nauseous, and slowly putting on weight - though this could be due to water retention. I have been re-considering BCPs, but I am also willing to try something new. The other close encounter, as mentioned above, was changing my eating habits and overall lifestyle. I did my best to cut out dairy products, which was not easy as I'm an ice cream fanatic, and tried to eat more healthy. Raw veggies and fruits, nuts, essential vitamins and so on. I also made it a habit to keep my hair out of my face when sleeping, change my pillow cases every other day, wash hands before touching face, shower before I went to sleep and wear makeup only when out or at work. Unfortunately, some of these habits slipped a bit over the past couple months Anywho, recently I broke out on my forehead, which was for the most part clear (I tend to break out around my mouth and on my cheeks and jawline), and so I decided to do some more research. I stumbled upon Genuine Health Perfect Skin supplements (has anyone tried these before?) and I will take them twice a day for 3 -maybe 6- months, depending if I feel I see a difference. Okay, so today is day 1 and I will try to post weekly. Wish me luck and lots of prays everyone!!