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day 2

Well today is my 2nd day taking amnesteem. I broke out in April of 2009. I suddenly just broke out in moderately severe acne over night. It basically depressed me. I went through months of doxycycline, that didn't do much. I used retin-A that just made my skin worse. I tried Yaz and it just made my skin worse. So I decided to take the holistic appoarch, and used all natural skin treatments for 3 months. It helped my skin calm down alot. But it wasn't cutting it, so I did light therapy and laser treatments to take away the red spots on my face. I also started using Benzaclin. And that work really well! But I wasn't 100% clear. I was like 75-80% clear. So when I went to the dermatologist at school to get the Benzaclin, she advised me to use accutane to insure that I never break out again. She said it would also help with the scarring on my face because it promotes collagen. So, I thought I'd give it a go. So it's day 2. I can tell that my sinuses, or the inside my nose, is pretty dry. I also had a crying/depressed spell today. But I'm just being hopeful that I won't have an initial breakout and that my skin will smooth out eventually. I'm just really scared being on this medication, but I'm just praying to God that He would give me the strength to get through it! I'll keep updating!