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Day 49

Not a lot has changed. My skin is still flaky. I think I've been using too much moisturizer, because I'm still getting pimples. I had a huge one on my cheek that was really 2 right next to each other. It's still healing, and it's been there for about a week and a half. I have consistently had 3-4 pimples that are active or healing since doubling my dosage up to 80mg. The red marks are still fading. My lips are really, really chapped. The inside of my nose is bloody and uncomfortable. T

Day 39

Well, I'm back to square one with the side effects this week after doubling my dose of Claravis on Monday. Ouch. Flaky & peeling skin, dry eyes, lips are so chapped they are cracking and bleeding, muscles are sore, knees ache, and I have 2 new big pimples. Oh, and the orange peel skin is back on my forehead. I hope that doesn't mean I'll be really oily again before I dry up. It's such a gross combination to be oily and flaky at the same time. To top it all off, I had a migraine for

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Day 34

**WARNING** Lengthy entry! I've made it through my first month on Claravis! Tomorrow is my one month appointment, even though I'm on day 34 today. My doctor is going on vacation, so they had to schedule me out a little more than 30 days. I had to skip a few pills over the 30 day to compensate, instead of quitting for 4 days. It hasn't seemed to make a difference, as my skin looks great now. I just have 2 pimples now and they're small. I've been on a quest to find new products that

Day 23

Haven't updated in a while because I cut the crap out of my finger this weekend and had to get stitches! Typing is slow and hurts. I just sharpened my knives too. Half my finger is numb, cut through a nerve. I'm hoping it gets better, because it's really uncomfortable right now. I type all day at work too. BLAH. Skin is waaaaay better, not oily at all. I have 4 small pimples, no cysts. All manageable, I can't complain! I've noticed over the past few days my scars are really healing

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Day 16

Just a little over 2 weeks down! Things are changing. Yesterday I noticed the skin on my forehead was getting tight. I'm dryer overall today for sure. Today was the first day I didn't have an oil slick on my nose and have to use any powder. I'm a little worried about how dry I'll get, since I'm half way through my first month at 40mg, then I bump up to 80mg in 15 more days. What will that do to me????? Eeeeeeeek! I also started to get a crack in the middle of my bottom lip, despite ap

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Day 13

Whoaaaaaa initial breakout hell. I stayed at my parents house this weekend, along with my brother and sister-in-law. I wish I could have stayed home instead, where nobody could have seen the mess that my skin has become. I forgot my Aquaphor for my lips too, I'll never, ever do that again. I keep a tube in my bathroom at home, and one at my desk at work. I need one in my purse as well. I tired using my good lipgloss, but that didn't work at all. My lips were peeling by the time I got home

Day 11

My skin feels much better today. The orange peel look is nearly gone and it feels softer. I'm still really itchy and have dry patches, along with really oily patches on my forehead, nose, and chin. I still have the few huge pimples, with another one forming below the left side of my nose now. They are healing faster than they usually do. The palms of my hands are starting to look kind of pruny, like I've stayed in the bathtub for too long! More lotion! Also, my scalp is very, very itchy.

Day 9

My skin's not much better today. It still looks rashy and puffy, like the texture of an orange. It's strange, I noticed this morning it's smooth around my eyes, then the orange skin texture below, starting on my cheeks. So attractive! At least I can wear make up. I have 2 new pimples besides the one on my forehead (that's mostly healed), and the HUGE one between my eyes. They are painful, since my skin is feeling tight, and raw right now. The best way to describe it is like a sunburn. Ouch. Also

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Day 8

Today I could cry. I am having some kind of reaction, I noticed it last night. My skin between my eyes and up my forehead and on my chin looks kind of puffy and is dimpled like an orange peel and really rough. It looks like hives, even though I've never had them in my life, but my skin's not red. My face feels AWFUL. My lips feel tight and are sucking up the Aquaphor almost as soon as I apply it. I am just uncomfortable. I also have a huge pimple between my eyes that hurts, and one on my for

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Day 6

More dry patches around my nose, forehead, chin. Still just a few new pimples, 1 new one and 2 that are healing. This isn't bad for me and typical. I'm waiting for the initial break out to happen. Maybe it won't? The pimples I do have, seem to heal very fast, and then the skin peels all around them. My eyes are still very dry, skins still itchy all over,my lips need something on them at all times, my nose feels stuffy and is bloody when I blow it. I'm achy. I feel like I have the flu, that deep

Week 1 and about me

Hi everyone, I'm so happy to have found this message board, so I have a place to come and share my experience with Claravis. I just started on Tuesday, May 11th. A little about myself- my name is Shana, I'm 31, soon to turn 32. I hardly had acne as a teen, it mostly started in my 20's. I've tried many, many things to get rid of my acne. I've used Differin, Retin A, topical antibiotic creams, oral antibiotics, over the counter, under the counter I've tried it all. Before going on my last cour

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