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Hello! Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm 15, going on 16 years old. I'm currently on Accutane for my facial acne. And so far, nothing. It's gotten better, than worse, than a little better, than worse again. I hate getting all excited to see one spot clear up-just to see another one form. It makes me feel hopeless! I just started month 3, and so far, it's gotten worse if anything. I absolutely HATE it. All the medicene has done for me is give me dry, itchy skin. Made me scalp flake like CRAZY, and made me feel depressed and have mood swings 24/7. It's ridiculous. I feel like my skin is never going to clear up, and even if it does I'll be left with a ton of scars on my face. Less than a year ago I was able to go out of the house with no makeup on a feel perfectly fine. Now I wont leave without caking it on. Anyone else experiencing the same thing, or have any advice?

Sarah Bridgeman

Sarah Bridgeman