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First day

Just signed up on this site and I hope it really hope it does some good. I will have to go get some things today. I have BP but i have the 10% kind and just used it on the actual spots not all over. I may buy some from here since we have to use so much and it will get pricey. I hope this works! It is so frustrating and i just want to hide all the time. Here i am 38 yrs old and have horrible acne, this shouldnt happen. I have had it forever but it seems to be worse since i have started going thru the beginning stages of menopause. So first entry and we will see how it goes. I have cleanser and really good spf moisturizer so im good there. I hope everyone wishes me luck and i will try to keep putting in my results. I also just started taking niacin so we will see how that goes too.