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Day 1

Ok time to take a huge blog. Well its Friday 14/05/2010 6.30 am in Australia WA and i'm starting my experimental regimen. Now i'm aware of the fact that my scientific method leaves a lot to be desired, considering i'm testing an entire regimen that has a significant number of variables but i feel based on previous experience and experimentation this is the one for me. Ok folks first things first what am i doing (sometimes i'm so crazy i don't know what i'm doing) Morning: Piece of fruit and a handful of nuts (inset innuendo here......) 30 minutes of cardio (cardio being the machines that a hamster would enjoy being on) Shower (using normal water well as normal as water from a house built in the 80's can be) - Wash face with Loreal facial cleanser (roomates in the shower so i can't check the exact name atm) - shave face (using 4 blade razor and King of shaves gel. Pat dry) - follow acne.org regimen using Benzac 5% - Moisturise with loreal thing (still can't check exact name) Breakfast - Wai compliant salad and 2-3 scrambled eggs (sorry wai raw eggs no thanks) Snacks -Fruit -Peanuts -coffee Lunch -Wai compliant salad pre workout snack (not coffee though) 1hr weight training (the whole moving the boulder up a hill then pushing it back down really applies here) Dinner -wai compliant salad and tuna with mayonnaise shower or just wash face, same products and regimen as before then sleep. (not sure for how long i'm fairly nocturnal so it'll vary methinks) and that's pretty much it. I've currently got a scattering of pimples on my face neck and shoulders about a 5.5 so moderate. Oh a side note masturbating is excluded from the regimen i'll update the blog with a smiley face if i waiver though and try to update the blog three times a week minimum. please feel free to comment or not comment. i can take it. Because i'm the hero that gotham deserves but not the one it wants right now