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adult acne

Hi, im new on here! I'm 26 and i am experiencing adult acne and the dreaded scars they leave behind! My Story- I did'nt have bad skin as a teenager, just average. When i was 21 i had a breakout, just out of nowhere! It was horrible, my doc put me on Dianette bc and zineryt topical. After a few months it started to clear up just leaving the scars! I was on Dianette on and off for 5 years, until i got married last year and decided id like to get my body ready to have a baby. Within 3 months of coming off Dianette i started breaking out! It seemed to get worse each month, and some of the spots are cystic and take forever to go down! I have used bp but found it made my skin itchy and dry. I went to the derm and he has suggested Isotretinoin (accutane ). I'm now back on bc ( longynon ) and im starting my treatment in June. I was hoping that i could hear some success stories about accuatne! I have read some scary things on the web. So i guess the best people to ask are those actually on it! Also, i any advice on acne scars would be appreciated. I have reddish/pink scars from spots which really get me down to! I have ordered scarzone today and hope it works! Any advice on accutane, acne scarring or any other hints and tips would be much appreciated! P.s i am going away in June before i start accutane and i am actually dreading going without make up in the day! But full make up in 38 degrees is not appealing! I actually start swaeting at the thought of going without make up, any tips for sunbathing and how to hide the darker scars?!