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Man,I've ditched this blog for a LONG time. Well my acne situation hasn't gotten ant better sadly.I was on birth control and that didn't help either.I went to a new dermatologist and heres my new regimen. 1)Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (removes makeup and cleans face) 2)Clindamycin Phosphate 1% Lotion 3)Retin-a Micro .04% 4)Cetaphil Cream 5)Minocycline(antibiotic) I do all of this twice a day except for the Retin-a So... WISH ME LUCK! Ill try my best to update daily!


Ok.Im happy right now!XD Well anyways the stuff I have been prescribed is working. Honestly I think it might be the birth control.O: Maybe I can borrow a friends camera and upload a picture? And the retin-a micro is making my face soft (I think) Ill update when I learn the name of the bc.I have also been using Queen Helenes Mint Juliep Masque (spelling?:S) Well horray! And if youre into manga check out Kimi Ni Todoke.(From Me To You) See ya! ~*Sienna*~


Hi.Havent updated in well...*FOREVER* Pretty intense.Well anyways long story short BP seriously hates me.I just took my first BC pill.My dermo also prescribed retin-a micro and some sulfur lotion stuff.It sorta looks like really thick cream.Well please wish me luck! :3

Boredom and WHY

I havent been using epiduo.I dont know why.Im just the kind of person who gets..bored.Heh.My skin..getting worse.Ive been using neutrogena stress free blah blah blah...idk ow its working really.Do you think I should go back to epiduo so my skin can be ok for school?Please answer.Thanks. ~Sienna

Skin being better..finally :D

My skin is finally mostly clear! The only place with acne is around my mouth and on my chin. Last night I steamed my face and then I used a facial brush with olive oil on it and well..rubbed it on my skin obviously. After that I just washed my face with Purpose and my face felt so smooth and soft! ^ ^ I also have...only two pimples on my forehead and theyre going down. YAY!

Idk what day. Epiduo

Well for... 4 days I think Ive been using epiduo. So far I really like it! Its suprising since all of these reviews said it sucks. And it has bp in it. Strange cuz it hasnt really made me itchy.Strange.But whatever works Ill use!

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The skin all around my eye is super dry. WAH! This is so not fun. Can anyone recommend a really good moisturizer. Id rather have oil skin than dry skin. HELP! Also...personal life here... I went to ask my mom for a good moisturizer or something to get rid of the dry skin... she was in her bed and on the nightstand thing was... a FUCKING HUGE BOTTLE OF LUBRICANT . WHAT THE HELL. Also whenever they *cough* my moms a total bitch. Damn. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME IN A WEEK. God please help me.

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Day Fourteen. Dryness.

Well Ive changed my regimen a bit. 1)Purpose.I really love Purpose. Its gentle and it removes makeup quite well. 2)Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent.I use the gentle formula.It leaves the skin feeling clean. and finally 3)Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.It seems like it moisturizes more than the regular lotion...maybe. Sometimes (lately anyways) Ive been using the St. Ives BLEMISH & BLACKHEAD CONTROL APRICOT SCRUB. I think thats whats been drying me out. I used...four days i

Day Thirteen. Disgusting Parents.

Well. My skin isnt really better...or worse. So Im off the bp for now. Maybe Ill start using it again soon. Little by little like how I got used to it this time. And part of my personal life. My parents are so disgusting! Lately theyve been..."loving" eachother. When I first opened the computer there was a page on "the male g-spot". If either of you somehow discover this page...Mom. Youre a stupid jerkface who said youre gonna do more things with me and talk to be more and you havent done either

Day Ten I Think. Bad Things

THE BP KILLED ME. I got another rash thingie that I got along time ago. It also made my eyes puff up. I thought it was because I had been crying so I could have gotten tthe BP in my eyes so the next day I carried on normally. Well it was the BP. Puffy eyes two days in a row is NOT fun. So if anyone has any recommendations for something I can use in place of the BP please tell me. Thanks for reading. -Sienna

Day Seven? AGAIN

Well. Friday I spent the night at my freinds house. Only took my cleanser. Didnt wah that night but I did in the morning. Then spent the night at another friends house. Didnt wash my face at all. AND i laft my cleanser there. PHUCK. Well I still have some more of the first bottle. Still gotta buy some more. Thinking of using nivea next. Also skin sucks right now. Left cheek has its fare share of acne. Same with right. Nose is peeling AGAIN. At least its summer now do I dont have to care abo

Day One *again*

Well. I didnt put bp for a few days. Didnt wash my face either. Didnt wash my face with MAKEUP on. Bad choice on my part. So I decided to name this day one, because Im back to where I started. Oh well. Same regimen and everything. Wish me luck. Also anyone know any REALLY good moisturizers? Well thanks for reading.

Day 19

The field trip sucked balls. BLEH. Well at least I didnt have to go to math. My skin is dry by my chin. Any good exfoliaters or how ever the hell you spell it. HELP ME!

Day 18

Mah skin is a little dry today and itchy. Bleh. Tomorrow we go on a field trip. Yay for no math. Well I pray to god my skinll get much better soon!

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Day 17

I did the math and today is day 17. My nose is ok! And my eyebrows have gotten better. As for acne my jaw has gotten better. Cant say much for anywhere else though. Also Im taking fish oil pill thingies. My dad bought some random ones at Walmart so yeah. So far through this regimen I can see an improvement. YAY!

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Starting Over

Well... Im off doxycycline. I *stupidly* got my eyebrows waxed and some of my skin came off. Because of that and my sunburn (which still hasnt gone away) I decided to get off of doxycycline. Also that its summer now (is it yet?) Im keeping everything else the same though. Now part of my personal life.. I threw up at school. Damn it was embarassing. Good thing only one other person saw it. And shes my friend so *hopefully* she wont tell anyone. Now I dont get to go to my other friends h

Day Eight?

Well well well.My skin seemsto have gotten a little worse.My nose is still sunburnt and Im getting more pimples on my forehead and my right cheek. OH NO

Day Six

Well I did a bad thing today. I didnt do my regimen this morning. I woke up late and had to get ready fast so I wouldnt be late for the bus. Oops

Day Five Part Two

Well apparently my makeup wears off quite fast. About 1/2 way through the day people were asking em why my nose was so red.. I didnt really know what to tell them. It was sorta awkward. Oh well. Itll all be worth it in the end.

Day Five

Yay! Some of the pimples by my jaw have gone down! Awesome. The only place where Im experiencing dry skin is on my nose. Its all red too. Oh well. I guess Ill update later!

Day Four

Well no difference. Im taking the bp really really slowly. A few years ago my dermo perscribed me a 10% bp and I had this terrible rash thing. It makes me kinda scared that it might happen again. Soon Ill be putting the bp twice a day. Hopefully I see a little improvement tonight. Ill update in the morning. Thanks for reading.

Day Three

Bleh.Didnt put the bp on my face last night.Also I dont really put bp on in the morning.Oh well.I was hella tired. MUST DO MY REGIMEN TONIGHT. Also messed around with my face again.

Day Two

Well Ive actually been using the benzoyl peroxide for about a week. Usually I see at least a little improvement when I first wakeup in the morning. Today I didnt. Maybe it was because I was picking my face the day before. Oh well.Gotta do math hw now.Bleh. EDIT Also wanted to say that the main area where my acne is by my jaw on the right side. Also I have some minor bumps on my forehead. I have some blackheads on my nose too.My left cheek is perfectly clear.NOT FAIR GOD NOT FAIR. Still hav

Day One

Well todays my first day on my own regimen. I'm using Purpose face wash,5% BP, and Cetaphil moisturizer. Lets just hope this helps! Forgot to say I'm also using Doxycycline.
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