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Just starting

I'm going to keep everyone whose interested updated on my journey through urine therapy. I just started this morning, after researching it for the past 2 days or so. Someone told me a story of such a great success by it, that people were even stopping her in the mall (complete strangers) to compliment her skin. My friend felt it, saying it was even and soft, her secret was urine. About 10 to 15 minutes ago, i peed in a tupperware, washed my face with my usual acne wash just to wait for it to cool down, the thought of putting urine on my face is repulsive, let alone warm urine. After it cooled, i dipped a cotton ball in it and wiped it on my back. After, i dipped another cotton ball and put it on my face, just problem areas. I let them both dry before i put on a baggy shirt. The smell isn't bad when it dries. I am getting kind of itchy, who knows why, i don't know if it's because of this or not. Since I'm new to this i don't know if i should keep it on until my next shower in a couple hours, or wash it off. My acne on my face is mild to say at worst. I do have acne scars though, and a couple pimples (i counted what i want to be cleared from this treatment, 10 pimples ranging from noticeable to barely there.) The acne on my back is MUCH worse, including scars, about 2 red cystic pimples and some noticeable pimples. I have gone to a dermatologist, I was prescribed duac, solodyn (a pill), and aczone. Both aczone and duac are topical, but duac dried my skin which made me not want to stick it, so I was supposed to alternate from duac to aczone throughout the week. I was pretty happy with my results from all that, but i felt that it was hard to stick to because i hate washing my face in the morning from the crusting of the topical creams. After hearing about urine therapy I figured i would give it a try, I could always switch back. So, i just looked at the progress of pimples because on one UT review on here, it said after about 15 minutes of putting it on, redness reduced. I wouldn't say that happened to me, except i must admit i did pop a pimple before putting the urine on, and the redness did go down. Here's what i'm thinking: Weekend: apply morning and night when I'm home and let it stay on until the showers which are just at random times Weekdays: since i have school I'll probably put it on right when i get home, then let it stay until my shower at 9ish and then just let my skin breathe until i get home from school the next morning. I'll keep everyone updated. I'm just saying, i know its urine but don't knock it 'till ya try it!




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