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iM 21 IM JUST NOW COMING OUT WITH MY MY FEELINGS SO BARE WITH ME!!... i didnt go 2 my prom because of my chest acne SCARS they ONLY make dresses now that expose ur chest ,back ,EVERTHING there was no hiding or covering up im african american and i hav black scars EVERYWHERE that seem impossible 2 get rid of i wish i could go bak in time wen i had that perfect skin but i cant i can ony blame myself for theSE scars rite? i made them! even though its not MY fault i naturally hav bad skin! uuugh i hate myself believe it or not i hav 2 kids and been with my husband almost 3yrs and he has NEVER seen me nude he gets mad wen i lock the door wen i shower i feel sooo sorry for him because i think he deserves better he has no idea wats going on under my shirt i alwayz make excuses wen he tries 2 b sweet and run my bath water and wants 2 join me intha tub and it kills me b/c i want us 2 b close I WANT 2 WALK AROUND THA HOUSE IN JUST A BRA AND PANTIES HELL! but i cant im scared that if he sees tha true me he'll feel very diff about me even tho we've known each other for almost 5 yrs and with him seein all my scars i kno he will feel disgusted but wont show it so he wont hurt my feelings I WANT 2 GET MARRIED!!! but no where in tha hell am i gonna find a CUTE wedding dress that will hide these secrets! NOWHERE ..I WANT 2 WEAR I BATHING SUIT cant do that instead i wear a tshirt and bikini bottoms SO UNCOMFORTABLE i get SOOO mad at myself wen i seein other gurls in a bikini and cute dresses and v-neck shirts becuase THAT SHOULD B ME!!! uugh i hate this LIFE! and no one knows I WISH THERE WAS SOME MIRACLE THAT WOULD SAVE ME FROM THIS NIGHTMARE I MEAN IM WASTIN MY LIFE FEELING LIKE THIS I WANT 2 GET OUT AN DO THA STUFF I LUV AND LUK GUD DOIN IT BUT I CANT! IVE TRIED EVERYTHING NUTHIN FADES THE SCARES OR ANYTHING GOD WHERE IS THIS MIRACLE DRUG!!!! I NEED IT SO I CAN LIVE THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!!! AND PLEASE NO ONE SAY "OOO GURL GET OUT THERE AND WEAR WUT U WANNA WEAR WHO CARES ABOUT WUT PPL THINKS"!! WELL SORRY BUT THIS WORLD REVOLVES AROUND JUDGMENT AND PLZ I DNT WANA HEAR " IF UR HUSBAND REALLY LUVS U HEWOULDNT CARE ABOUT HOW U LUK" B/C HE WOULD EVEN THO I KNO HE LUVS ME IF U SEEN WAT I HAV 2 LUK AT IN THA MIRROR EVERYDAY U WOULD UNDERSTAND!




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