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day 2

okay, so it's day 2. i only picked once! im so proud of myself, all i did was squeeze one whitehead quick and easy. only im not done my morning regimen yet, so we'll see. Doing it in the dark, aside from when i absolutely have to watch my face really works, but i still have a big problem touching my face, but one thing at a time right? after the last 2 days my face still looks really bad, but i refuse to dwell on it. it just sucks that at 27 i look more like im 17. ppl always say oh you'll grow





trying really hard not to pick makes me want to more

even if im the only one who sees this, i hope it still helps to get it out... okay so now its the first day of trying not to pick. i think i should take baby steps becasue it clearly wont all happen at once. right now im trying to not pick and not touch my face. way too tall an order i think, because im still obsessing, and my face is really itchy right now. maybe its psychological because didnt realize how much i touch my face during hte day, and not touching it is making me feel like its itch




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