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So here I sit at work. Today I have made 2 trips to the bathroom to analyze my face. i did not pick which was a plus. I dont understand why there is this urgency to look and touch but i have it. and i am sick of it. i am 27, my boyfriend doesnt understand it, and i keep it a secret because everyone already yells at me for picking. i had mainly clear skin and within the last 3 years my face has exploded... at least to me. i pick and i dont mean to but i have. i went to the derm and he was mean once saying that i have pitted skin i am now thinking about getting a silk peel to help reduce this nonsense. i just dont know. it was nice to read some of the comments on other posts because it seems i am not the only one. not sure if anyone will see this blog - today is my frist day on this website.. first time makinga blog.. first time reallllly going to try to stop the picking!!!!!!!! i hate it , i hate avoding mirrors, and i hate looking intently in them - depending on my mood. day 1 - operation no picking ! whose with me??




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