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Starting the Caveman Diet

Hi Everyone, My name is Jamie, I have had cystic acne (the severe, scarring, embarrasing type) for about two and a half years now. I am sure you all can relate when I say I am absolutely fed up with the condition of my skin- and how it affects every part of my life! It is hard for people without acne to realized how devastating it really is- emotionally most of all. BUT, I am starting this blog and this process as a journey of hope, not negativity. I believe that for every bad thing that comes into our lives, something good, and positive, and life giving can be gleaned from it. I am starting the paleo diet with much hope. I currently almost eat this diet, with a few more carbs like quinoa and Cliff Bars. So, today I am starting the cave man thing completely, lots of healthy meat ( I eat tons of salmon, white fish, buffalo, etc) tons of fruit and veggies (which I love) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc). I almost eat this way at the time, but do need some modification to my diet. The only thing I am not giving up is popcorn with olive oil- it has become a sort of vice to me. The things that I HAVE actually notice help my skin, over a lot of trial and error, are: -Avoiding all sugars, especially chocolate- chocolate (my former love) is a death wish for me! -Keeping stress down- I am a very busy person and seem to have navigated my life with stress for the past few years. I am focusing on eliminating stress and learning to relax -Using very little product on my face. I currently use: -Eucalyptus Wash -Very mild moisturizer (all natural, whipped) -Primrose oil The less I use on my face, the happier it is! - I also see an aestitician, and a naturopath. I highly recommend both if one can afford it. The aestitician (sp) actually lances my cysts and removes all the pus (I know that sounds wrong but she does it in a very gentle, complete way) as well as giving me several deep masks. It really really does help. I am going to post pictures soon, but would like to keep a running log of my journey on the paleo. I know just how crippling acne can be, sometimes I feel like a monster hiding under layers of make up! BUT, I would like to add some positive things I have gained from having acne - yes, I did say positive! The silver lining is oh so important to change: 1. I have adapted a diet that is incredibly healthy. I am so aware of the nutrients I put in my body and what they do. 2. I have realized that I can-and must- love myself regardless of what I feel I look like. We were all created with purpose, and acne CANNOT change that purpose!! I exist outside of my skin problems! 3. I have empathy for people with other skin problems, and other body image problems. 4. I know a TON about natural health- and I believe in it 100%! 5. I have learned I am a stronger person, and can conquer anything- acne problems included, and so can you! Lastly I am taking a plethora of supplements, I will least these exactly later: Flax Primrose Fish Oil Acidophilus Vitamin B (liquid) Green Drink (daily, helps with digestion, skin, and bowel movements) Trace Minerals A few other things, I will list completely soon. All that said, my acne IS clearing up, and I think the paleo diet will continue to help it. Hang in there everyone, there is hope! I know some days all you want to do is put a bag over your head, cut out eyeholes, and live life that way- believe me, I'm there! I am excited though, to explore healing, and to encourage others to do the same.