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THIS WORKSSSSS ! You need to stop all topicals they are just a big waste of money ALL OF THEM! Then you can commence the FREE process of clearing your pimps EXTREMELY fast What I did and the effect: First day, nothing but V8 vegetable juice = no new pimps Second day, drank only water throughout the day (12 glasses) = pimps shrink a bit Third day, nothing for breakfast (make sure you do this as your body keeps cleansing but once you eat something BOOM all the healing stops and instead energy is spent digesting) Around 1pm I ate a big salad with brocolli, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and almonds then added fresh lemon juice too! Fourth day, 2 fresh lemons squeezed in a cup and drank about 3hours after waking up then 1 hour later had another big salad with same ingredients as the one on day 3 = got a cystic pimp on my upper left arm but that's okay because the bodies just getting rid of the leftover junk via the skin ALL GOOD ALL GOOD Fifth day, woke up 6am and was feeling energetic ? WHAAAT this was crazy I never wake up that early anddddd i slept at 11pm the night before!? = The red marks I had on my face, pimps and scars YES AND shallow scars were starting to lighten up and improve DRASTICALLY >>> NO JOKE 6th day WHAT THE HELL WHERE MY PIMPLES GO? ALKALINE DIETS WORK 99% of people can do this but read the following important measures VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV ***Please note that I did exercise atleast 1hour everyday I did NOT get my hormones running 2 weeks prior (i think you guys know what im talking about) I did stick to this plan strictly and I did not have ANY ACIDIC FOODS or DRINKS Only stuff that comes from the ground NO TOPICALS on your face back etc (wherever you have pimps) USE NOTHING BUT WATER I dont care if you have oily dry or whatever skin (if you have dry drink more water) NO moisturizers no creams no exfoliators no products on your face for the duration ESPECIALLY NOT BENZOLY PEROXIDE SALICIC ACID ETC These "products" are on the market because their is a huge demand for them not because they cure or treat.... all they do is decrease some symptoms but let me tell you JUST GO ON AN ALKALINE DIET!!!!!!!!!!! JEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ HURRY UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP TRUUUUUUUUUSSSSSTTTTTTT ME PEOPLE the cause of 99% peoples acne is their crazy acidic diets > switch to alkaline just for 2 days and you will see and feel the difference and you'll want to keep it up because you know it's the best way to clear up FASTTT!!!