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terrible acne at 19

Hello everyone my name is Angela also known by angie and i suffer from terrible acne. It all began when I was 16 and it has not gotten any better. I have spent a lot of money on several over the counter products, such as clean and clear, neutrogena, proactive, I have even taken antibiotics and birthcontrol.. seen a dermatologist, ive tried using "natural products" and nothing works.. acne has really lowerd my self esteem, I find it really hard to look at people in the eye and I really feel like it has taken over me. I really dont know wat to do I feel fustrated and so very despreate.. I dont know if anyone cares abt my story or is going to take the time to read it but i just wanted to pour out my feelings cuz to be honest i sometimes feel very alone in this struggle. Well thank you for ur time. -angie